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Chapter 1023 - Youre Not From Bioinformatics

Qi Hui naturally came over to take a look when Huo Yao started to work on the calculations.

The moment he saw the numbers jumping on the laptop screen at a high speed, he looked at Huo Yao and was stunned.

Since she was from the Arts division, he had always assumed that she was not good in Math and Science.

When it was time for division placement, he had kicked her out of Biotechnology even if it meant risking offending Prof Zhao.

Now that she had finally proven her talent and achieved 100% accuracy, Qi Hui could suddenly hear the sound of something breaking crisply in his ears.

She was able to complete the 3D rendering in two minutes and the comparative testing in one minute.

Her talent was simply incredible.

How could she be a clueless freshman

Qi Hui raised his head and looked at Huo Yao.

Each time he saw her, she always looked nonchalant from the first day of school during division placement until now.

It seemed as though nothing could shake her.

Then again, it was normal for gifted people to have a proud attitude.

Huo Yao had picked Biotechnology at the get-go.

If he did not drive her away, she would have become the next rising star and would have outshone Jiang Mingyue altogether.

Qi Hui\'s hands trembled as they hung from the sides of his body.

Jiang Mingyue observed Qi Hui\'s every little reaction.

Annoyance and regret were written all over his face.

She suddenly felt flustered before she finally looked at the screen as Huo Yao held the laptop.

It showed100% accuracy.

Jiang Mingyue\'s face instantly turned pale.

Why was Huo Yao able to get 100% accuracy Why was she always stuck at 97% Why did she fail by just 3%

Zhao Lian snapped out of his surprise.

He took the laptop from Huo Yao and went through all the numbers.

A few minutes later, he looked at Jiang Mingyue and said, You only got 97% accuracy.

Jiang Mingyue already knew it would end up like this, but it did not stop her.

My research team has yet to find our error, so…

Zhao Lian shook his head.

He turned the computer monitor towards her and interrupted her.

Why don\'t you take a look at Huo Yao\'s work before you speak

Jiang Mingyue bit her lip as she took the laptop from him.

After some time, she muttered in disbelief.

How is this possible Both of us have used the same steps.

How could she have gotten 100% accuracy

Huo Yao smiled as she looked at Jiang Mingyue sideways.

Do you want to know why

Jiang Mingyue raised her head and looked at Huo Yao deeply.

Huo Yao gently flicked some stray hair from her temple and said proudly, That\'s because you aren\'t from Bioinformatics.

Jiang Mingyue frowned.

She did not understand what Huo Yao was driving at.

Without data analysis skills, none of your experiments will… Huo Yao pointed her index finger up in the air and shook it.


The moment Jiang Mingyue heard what Huo Yao said, she recalled the time when Huo Yao showed her the results.

Jiang Mingyue had done almost every single step the same way as Huo Yao.

Even though Mr.

Liu had done the last step to check it, Jiang Mingyue was not entirely certain of the steps Huo Yao had taken to achieve the results.

She did not major in Bioinformatics.

That was the reason she kept failing even though every single step was the same.

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