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Chapter 1004: Almost Found Out

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The car arrived at the clubhouse 30 minutes later.

Huo Tingrui told his assistant to settle his own dinner and write it off later before going upstairs to the private room.

Fang Chen was already there.

“My bad.

I was held up a little,” said Huo Tingrui somewhat apologetically.

Fang Chen smiled without taking it to heart.

He gestured to Huo Tingrui to take a seat.

“Its fine.

I just got here myself.”

Huo Tingrui sat down.

Fang Chen poured him a fresh cup of tea and Huo Tingrui thanked him for it.

Although they did not usually run in the same circles, they got along well without any sense of distance.

“You are an excellent lawyer.

It is such a pity.” Fang Chen sighed as he talked about the procuratorate.

Huo Tingrui sat with his back straight.

However, he kept his left hand on his thigh without moving it much.

He took a sip of tea before he smiled and said, “I just dont like politics and being bound by rules.”

Fang Chen looked at Huo Tingrui.

His words had just reminded him of Huo Yao.

The young woman also did not like getting restrained.

Perhaps people in their family were similar in nature.

Fang Chen contemplated before he said, “That makes sense.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help from now on.”

After Huo Tingrui thanked Fang Chen, he paused briefly and contemplated before he said, “My only little sister is studying in the capital, so sometimes, I cant take care of her.

If you could help her out every now and then, that would be great.”

Although they might not eventually need Fang Chens help, Huo Tingrui knew the connection might prove useful one day.

Moreover, Fang Chen was a politician and power was often far more persuasive than wealth.

Fang Chen went quiet briefly.

He was unsure whether Huo Tingrui was aware of Huo Yaos relationship with Min Yu.

Since Huo Tingrui asked, he simply nodded in acknowledgment.

“Miss Huo is my savior to begin with, so it is only right for me to help.”

Huo Tingrui thanked Fang Chen.

Before long, the waiter came in with the food.

Fang Chen had invited Huo Tingrui to talk about the procuratorate.

Also, he wanted to take the chance and ask Huo Yao about his teachers condition.

Since Huo Yao had turned down the invitation, he did not insist.

Fang Chen did not bring up Huo Yaos name over dinner.

Although he was very worried about his teachers condition, he was keenly aware there was no use rushing things.

The two of them ate dinner with their minds preoccupied before leaving the restaurant.


When Huo Tingrui got home, he saw Huo Yao curling up on the couch covered in a thick blanket.

The trash can beside the couch was filled with tissue paper.

“Hi, Brother Tingrui.” Huo Yao sniffled as she looked at Huo Tingrui walking in.

She certainly did not sound as nasal as she did in the morning.

Huo Tingrui acknowledged her greeting softly.

He walked over and sat down beside Huo Yao before raising his hand to touch her forehead.

“Is your cold better”

“More or less.” Huo Yao nodded.

She wrapped the blanket around herself a little more tightly.

Huo Tingruis lips twitched.

If she did not bundle herself in the blanket and sniffle, he might have believed what she said.

“Where is Yulin” asked Huo Tingrui casually and glanced up.

“He is upstairs, busy with something.” Even though Huo Yao had a stuffy nose, she could still smell the faint scent of Chinese herbs.

She looked at Huo Tingrui.

“Are you using a medicated plaster”

Huo Tingrui simply squeezed his throat with his right hand and said nonchalantly, “Just an occupational hazard.”

“Shall I give you a massage” Huo Yao extended her hand out to remove her blanket.

Huo Tingrui smiled and shook his head.

He covered her with the blanket once more.

“How could I do that to someone with a cold”

“There is something different about you today.” Huo Yao tilted her head sideways..

It seemed unlike him to suddenly behave like a gentleman.

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