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“Something dangerous has surfaced in the Monster Zone, but were unsure of the details..”

“The war in the Central Zone is still ongoing.

Dao realm blood fiends have appeared.

The former human king has also killed several Dao realm blood fiends in the Central Zone.”

The mysterious existence in the stone house listened silently.

After the blood fiend finished speaking, he asked, “Are there any special geniuses in the nine zones”

“Yes, the most eye-catching one is the young master of the Ji family, Ji Dexin.

He killed Dao realm blood fiend and is known as the number one prodigy of the nine zones.”

There was no sound from the stone house for a long time.

Just as the two blood fiends thought the conversation had ended, the voice spoke again.

“Is there anything unusual happening to the nine zones”

The two blood fiends pondered for a moment and said, “We dont think so.”

After a while, the voice said, “Maintain the balance of the situation.

Dont advance rashly and wait for my orders.”

“Yes, my lord!”

The two blood fiends retreated.

The stone house was still quiet, and only after a long time did a puzzled mutterings emerged.

“Nothing unusual Then Why do I feel that theres something wrong with the nine zones”

“Is this a phenomenon that only occurs when this Daoyuan is about to end or is there someone interfering with the nine zones secretly”

“Is it the celestial race or the immortal race”

“Ji Dexin”

The stone house trembled for a moment, and a disdainful cold snort could be heard before it went silent again.

Central Zone, Alliance Headquarters.

Ji Dexin stood at the peak of the mountain, his eyes sparkling as he looked at the nine zones.

He too felt that there was something wrong with the nine zones.

He also thought that it was due to the ending of this Daoyuan.

However, he was more concerned about his status in the human race.

The former human king, Fengkong, had suddenly appeared and killed Dao realm blood fiends.

Fengkong was currently the strongest human in the Central Zone, and his authority in the alliance was growing stronger and stronger.

Ji Dexin was confused.

Logically speaking, there should have been Dao realm cultivators entering the calamity by now.

Why were there no Dao realm experts

Fengkong was an exception.

He had not left the nine zones and had just recovered.

Furthermore, there was news of the ominous beings in the Monster Zone.

The Great Daoyuan calamity was progressing in a strange direction.

He had already begun his research on how to deal with these ominous beings.

He was not too worried.

Based on the information he had received thus far, the ominous beings were too weak and low-leveled.

In the long history of the celestial race, this was not the first time they had faced similar beings.

The celestial beings could use a type of divine light that could exterminate and purify such creatures.

At the critical moment, he could impart this divine light technique to some of the human races powerful beings.

This was also part of his plan.

In fact, Ji Dexin hoped that the ominous beings would appear in the Central Zone soon.

That would give him the opportunity to display his might and spread the cultivation method of the celestial races divine light technique.

His fate would definitely increase rapidly when that happened.

The nine zones were very special.

Back then, the celestial race had been expelled by the Great Dao of the nine zones.

Now, they were trying to return and fight for fate.

Time passed day by day.

The blood fiend calamity of the nine zones seemed to be coming to an end.

However, Chu Xuan knew that the nine zones would not return to a peaceful state anytime soon.

The Great Daoyuan calamity was not over yet.

He took out the Chaos Dao Mirror and began searching for Dao realm experts and above.

There had not been any additions to the Great Dao Communication Group.

The needle on the mirror started to spin, and a white dot appeared.

Moreover, this white dot was actually at the edge of the mirror.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Chu Xuan was stunned.

Did this mean that the expert detected by the Chaos Dao Mirror was at the limits of its detection range

The white dot began to grow bigger.

Then, an image projection appeared.

However, the scene was a little blurry.

Chu Xuan was unsure whether this was due to it being so far away, or because there was some kind of interference.

The image was of a sage-like old man.

At first glance, he gave off a carefree and otherworldly feeling.

The moment Chu Xuan saw the old man, his first instinct told him that this person was a member of the celestial race.

He had actually stumbled on a celestial race expert

Chu Xuans heart tightened.

Could the other party have entered the nine zones

The persons information slowly appeared on the Chaos Dao Mirror.

“Flying Cloud, a celestial race saint and an ancient cultivator.

He has transcended the Great Dao calamity and opened his Dao path for longer than a Great Dao era.”

Chu Xuan took a deep breath.

This time, he had found a real big shot.

The celestial races saints were equivalent to Daoyuan realm experts.

This Daoist Flying Cloud was incredible.

He had transcended the Great Dao calamity!

He was definitely a top-notch expert!

“Ancient cultivator” was also a respectful title given to those who had transcended the Great Dao calamity.

Chu Xuan took a deep breath.

He would not be exposed by this expert, right

Would this person be able to locate the Origin Dao Crystal and then attack him

Chu Xuan took a deep breath.

Although Flying Cloud was powerful, the Origin Dao Crystal was a special item created by the system.

Moreover, from the information he had obtained so far, the immortal, celestial, and demon races had been expelled by the Great Dao of the nine zones and could not enter.

If the other party was outside the nine zones, the chances of him being able to locate the Origin Dao Crystal were slim.

However, he could not deceive such an expert.

Flying Cloud was an ancient cultivator who had transcended the Great Dao calamity.

He would not be easy to deceive.

Still, Chu Xuan was not flustered.

He had once transformed into chaos and experienced its birth and evolution, so his horizons had been expanded.

He had comprehended the mysteries of chaos and the Great Dao, so his knowledge rivaled even these ancient cultivators.

What he lacked was an understanding of the immortal, celestial, demon, and other races at the beginning of the nine zones and the first few Great Dao eras.

If one lacked some knowledge, it would be easy for flaws to appear and be detected.

Chu Xuan began to absorb a wisp of the other partys aura into the Origin Dao Crystal to establish a connection with him.

Of course, he did not add him into the group.

With such a big shot in the group, if he wanted to fool Hong Yuanchu and the others, he would have to think twice.

He also had to be on guard against the other party exposing him.

At the very least, he had to at least grow stronger before adding him into the group.

In any case, there was truth mixed into his lies.

The so-called Great Dao calamity really did exist.

It was not something he conjured out of thin air.

This time, the absorption of the wisp of Dao aura took some time.

From this, one could see how strong Flying Cloud was.

This also made Chu Xuan realize that the Chaos Dao Mirrors level was not high enough and had a limit.

The reason it could absorb the wisp of the aura of Flying Cloud was probably because the other party allowed it.

Otherwise, the Chaos Dao Mirror would not be able to forcefully extract it.

Of course, this was also due to the limitations of Chu Xuans own strength.

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