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“Im going to leave first!”

Feng Zhiwei knew very well that even if he continued to wait, it was almost impossible for him to freeload into the gravity room.

Or even if he could, he could only freeload for a few minutes… Does he need those minutes

Therefore, he was the first to leave!

“I wasted an entire day cultivating today.

Ill go back earlier and cultivate more at night to make up for the time I wasted!”

Feng Zhiwei shook his head and left quickly.

“Im leaving too!”

“It will only waste time to continue waiting!”

Soon, only Li Jiaxuan was left among the five geniuses invited to freeload off the gravity room.

“Im not leaving!” Li Jiaxuan seemed to be holding back his anger.

“I dont believe that Lin Mo can really last twelve hours! Moreover, now that the four of them have left, I should stay and continue to wait!”

If all five of them were here, even if Lin Mo came out of the gravity room early now, everyone would not have more than a few minutes.

But with only Li Jiaxuan left, it was different.

If Lin Mo came out immediately, he could freeload for almost three hours!


“I must wait!”

Li Jiaxuan was firmly confident.

He had to freeload off the time card he had lost today!

And yet…

Lin Mo would not give Li Jiaxuan any chance!

Ten hours, eleven hours…

It was almost twelve hours, but the alloy hatch of the gravity room still did not open.

Li Jiaxuans live broadcast was still on.

In the live-stream, the screen was filled with worship for Lin Mo.

“Persistence! Its almost twelve hours! How persistent!”

“Lin Mo is definitely the most enduring man Ive ever seen!”

“Who can last twelve hours Lin Mo!”

“Hes simply the most enduring man on the Blue Planet!”

“Its almost twelve hours! The most enduring man on the Blue Planet is about to break out of seclusion! Lets spam the wordendurance on the chat screen and let it fly!”

… .

In a high-class club.

Gao Haoran played all day again.

From dark to dawn and from dawn to night.

He turned on his phone and was instantly stunned.

“Why is Li Jiaxuan still live-streaming” Gao Haoran was a little dumbfounded.

“Could it be that… Brother Mo has been persevering in the gravity room until now”

Gao Haoran couldnt help but click on the live-stream.

As soon as he entered, he saw the “endurance” spam!

“Hiss—” Gao Haoran gasped.

“Brother Mo really lasted twelve hours Isnt this too long”

Beside Gao Haorans pillow, a pretty young woman was originally a little bored.

When she suddenly heard the words “twelve hours” and “lasting” from Gao Haoran, she immediately perked up.

“Brother Haoran, who can last so long for twelve hours” the young woman asked curiously and expectantly.

“Its my Brother Mo!” Gao Haoran puffed out his chest and said proudly.

“Brother Mo” Although the young woman didnt know who Brother Mo was, her eyes couldnt help but light up.

“Brother Haoran, can you introduce your Brother Mo to me sometime”

“You” Gao Haoran glanced at him and snorted in disdain.

“Brother Mo isnt that kind of person!”

With that, Gao Haoran got out of bed and stood in front of the French windows to pull up his pants.

The night outside the window was prosperous.

“Sigh!” Gao Haoran pulled up his pants and suddenly sighed heavily.

Back then, just half a month ago, he, Gao Haoran, was not that kind of person!

However, after entering Jiangnan Martial Arts University, he could not withstand the temptation and fell into the abyss of corruption.

Gao Haoran thought with a heavy heart, “Brother Mo cultivated desperately all day, but I indulged outside all day…”

Gao Haoran suddenly felt that this period of indulgence was really meaningless!

“From now on, I, Gao Haoran, will be irreconcilable with the yellow!” Gao Haoran thought fiercely.

“As the saying goes, the return of a prodigal son is worth more than gold! From today onwards, Ill give up on big swords!”

At this moment.

Gao Haoran, who was in the “Sage Mode”, had an unprecedented determination in his eyes!

“Lets go back to school! Ill train all night!”

Gao Haoran put on his clothes and walked out.

At this moment, Gao Haoran received a call.

“Eh” Gao Haoran saw that it was from someone with the name “Huang Wei” and quickly picked it up.

“Brother Huang, good evening!”

Huang Wei was Gao Haorans new friend from not long ago.

He was currently working at the Jiangnan Martial Arts Department and was a member of the inquisition team.

The reason why Gao Haoran got to know Huang Wei was naturally because he hoped that the other party would reveal some information to him when he was on his missions.

Otherwise… if he was arrested for prostitution every time, he would have to think of a way to get himself out every time.

That wouldnt be good!

“Haoran!” Huang Wei said directly.

“Stay in school tonight and dont go out to fool around!”

Gao Haoran understood immediately.

He said righteously, “Brother Huang, dont worry! Im a university student at a martial arts university, not that kind of person!”

“Heh!” Huang Wei couldnt help but laugh on the other end of the line.

“Thats it for now! Well play big when were free later!”

“No! I quit!” Gao Haoran said hurriedly.

However, Huang Wei clearly did not take Gao Haorans words seriously and hung up.

“Hmph!” Gao Haoran thought indignantly.

“In the future, Brother Huang will know that Ive really turned over a new leaf!”

With that in mind, Gao Haoran walked out of the club.

He wanted to rush back to Jiangnan Martial Arts University to train hard!

… .

Just as Gao Haoran walked out of the club, the time displayed on the alloy cabin door of Lin Mos gravity room finally arrived at twelve hours!

The gravity in the gravity room dropped rapidly, and the artificial sun quickly went out.


The alloy hatch opened with a bang.

“Lin Mo is coming out!”

“After waiting for twelve hours, the most enduring man on the Blue Planet is finally going to appear!”

“Looking forward to it!”

“After fighting hard for twelve hours, even if Lin Mo is the most persistent man on the Blue Planet, he must be extremely weak now, right”

… .

Outside the gravity room, Li Jiaxuan was also staring intently at the cabin door.

“Lin Mo must have crawled out of the gravity room!” Li Jiaxuan thought hatefully.

The reason why he had been live-streaming until now was to capture Lin Mo making a fool of himself.

After all, he had waited bitterly for twelve hours, but he had not gained anything! If he did not embarrass Lin Mo, Li Jiaxuan would really be unhappy.

“Hes coming out!” Li Jiaxuan could already feel a figure about to walk out of the cabin door.

However, in the next second, Li Jiaxuans expression froze.

He saw Lin Mo walking out of the gravity room with a glowing face.

Twelve hours of 40G gravity did not make Lin Mo feel any fatigue.

Instead, he became even more energetic.

In the live broadcast room.

Pairs of eyes widened.

Many female viewers couldnt help but cover their mouths and exclaim.

“As expected of the longest-lasting man on the Blue Planet!”

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