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“Third brother, about this…” The Second Elder wanted to say something, but he really didnt know what to say.

They also knew Tian Kuis personality.

It was indeed not bad.

If Feng Yun gave him the medicine, why did she have to hurt him This was what they were most confused about.

It seemed that if the Third Elder investigated this matter, they wouldnt be able to defend her so easily.

“Third Elder, youre right, but there must be a reason for what happened.

Third Elder, why dont you ask Hua Ling what she promised me that day and how she went back on her words I didnt want to save him at first.

After all, they had nothing to do with me.”

The Third Elders face couldnt help but darken a few times, but Yun Feng didnt care about him and continued, “Since the other party was unfaithful, I certainly wouldnt keep my promise.”

“Hahaha! Well said!” The Fifth Elder suddenly burst into laughter.

The Third Elders eyes immediately flew over like a sharp knife, but the Fifth Elder shrugged and said indifferently, “Third Brother, you dont have to look at me like that.

Shes right.

If any of us saw a seriously injured person, would we take out a bottle of master-level potion to save them How would that be possible Besides, she had nothing to do with Tian Kui at that time.

Its impossible for her to help a stranger.

Thats normal.”

“Humph!” The Third Elder snorted fiercely.

The Fifth Elder said again, “Tian Kui was seriously injured like that.

It only shows that your disciples were useless.

Tian Kui didnt care about the consequences when he did things.

If Feng Yun didnt appear, what could they do Third Brother, dont blame others.”

“She isnt your disciple yet, but you cant wait to protect her.” The Third Elder sneered, but the Fifth Elder didnt care.

It was impossible for the Third Elder to accept Yun Feng.

With Yu Jins matter and Tian Kuis matter, even if the Third Elder was willing to accept Yun Feng, she might not agree.

The Third Elder also knew himself well and knew that he had no chance, so his attitude towards Yun Feng wasnt as warm as the other four.

“Didnt Feng Yun say it just then Hua Ling mustve made some kind of promise that she couldnt deliver.

She tricked this girl into giving out her potion, and then went back on her words in the end.

Is that what happened” The Fifth Elder smiled at Yun Feng.

Yun Feng had quite a good impression of this cheerful little old man.

Perhaps because they were both summoners, she always felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.


If you dont believe me, you can ask him yourself.”

“Alright, Third Brother, I dont think youre going to pursue the matter.

Besides, hasnt Tian Kui almost recovered right now Lets just let the matter go.” The First Elder also said.

The Third Elder raised the corners of his mouth.

“I didnt intend to pursue the matter to begin with.

I just said one sentence, but youre all eager to protect her.”

The few elders all smiled.

Yun Feng stood there and wasnt complacent because the few elders were intentionally biased.

She wasnt shocked at all.

This was a kind of calmness in her mind.

“Im not done yet.

I brought back twelve Golden Cauldron Trees from that cave.

What I didnt tell you is that someone had already poached ten Golden Cauldron Trees before I arrived.” The Third Elder said in one breath.

The other elders immediately wanted to ask the Third Elder to shut up when they heard the mention of the Golden Cauldron Tree, but it was already too late.

Not everyone was qualified to know about the Golden Cauldron Trees.

The five elders didnt tell any outsiders except the few disciples they cared about.

Now, the Third Elder mentioned everything in front of Yun Feng.

What exactly was he doing

“Third brother, why did you say that” The First Elder was a bit upset and he immediately scolded him.

The other elders also looked unhappy, but the Third Elder chuckled and looked at Yun Feng.

“If Im right, you were the one who took those ten Golden Cauldron Trees away, werent you”

After hearing this, the room fell into silence.

The other four elders all glanced at Yun Feng at the same time in shock.

She poached ten Golden Cauldron Trees This little girl was too generous!

Yun Fengs eyes darkened slightly.

It seemed that the Third Elder had dug out all the remaining Golden Cauldron Trees.

He was truly greedy.

The reason why she didnt dig out all of them back then was certainly for the survival of the Golden Cauldron Trees.

Everything had a purpose and couldnt be destroyed wantonly.

So, she dug out ten and left twelve.

She didnt expect the Third Elder to catch up and take away all the remaining Golden Cauldron Trees.

Anyone else wouldve taken all twenty-two Golden Cauldron Trees away without hesitation and wouldnt have thought about leaving one or two behind at all.

The Golden Cauldron Tree was something that many people dreamed of.

They certainly had to take as many as they could.

It was truly rare to see someone like Yun Feng.

So, after thinking carefully for a long time and confirming that Yun Feng took the Golden Cauldron Trees, a question came.

Why did she only dig ten and not take all of them away Could it be that she could only take ten Or was there another reason

“Third Elder, what do you mean Whats the Golden Cauldron Tree youre talking about” Yun Feng raised her head and looked at the Third Elder in confusion.

The Third Elder was stunned.

Was it not her However, how was that possible If what Hua Ling said back then was true, it should be her!

“Third brother, are you senile How old is Feng Yun How can she have seen the Golden Cauldron Tree” The Fifth Elder shouted in dissatisfaction.

“Even if she was lucky enough to see it, she might not know that its the Golden Cauldron Tree.

Besides, even if she came out of that cave, it doesnt mean that she took them away.”

“How would a master-level pharmacist not know what the Golden Cauldron Tree is” The Third Elder didnt give up.

Right now, he desperately wanted to confirm if Yun Feng was the person who took the Golden Cauldron Trees.

If she was, she must know how to make the Golden Cauldron Tree produce the Golden Cauldron Fluid!

“Girl, just tell me the truth,” said the Fifth Elder to Yun Feng.

However, Yun Feng had other thoughts in her mind.

It seemed that Hua Ling and the others had told the Third Elder the detailed situation.

The Third Elder was a smart person.

He was certain that she took the Golden Cauldron Trees.

The reason why he was so anxious to confirm right now was that he definitely didnt know how the Golden Cauldron Fluid was produced.

Thinking of this, Yun Feng smiled in her mind.

She certainly couldnt let him know about this method, or there would be endless trouble in the future.

She didnt want to volunteer for the Juxing School.

She would leave this place sooner or later, and Yun Feng certainly wouldnt hide the Golden Cauldron Trees.

She wanted to send it to the headquarters of the Yun family.

The Golden Cauldron Fluid would also be very helpful to the Yun family.

If these old guys knew that she had ten of them here and knew the method, they would definitely ask her to take them out.

By then, it would be difficult.

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