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“Put the knife down,” Cao Yaoyao said in a trembling voice.

“Lets talk.”

“Lets talk things out I cant get through your phone, and I cant find you.

Can we still talk nicely” Nie Suijing sneered.

“I can get you publicity photos for the newspaper.” Cao Yaoyao closed her eyes.

Her life was in his hands, and she could only compromise.

Fortunately, she had a good relationship with the editor-in-chief of the Magnificent Newspaper.

She would be able to get the publicity photos included on the inner page.

She knew that Nie Suijing just wanted money, right With resources came money.

Nie Suijing laughed.

“A well-known newspaper It should at least be a cover, right”

“You must be dreaming!” Cao Yaoyao exclaimed.

Even she had only appeared on the cover twice.

The resources in the inner pages were the best for a newbie like Nie Suijing.

“Hehe… Im afraid the editor-in-chief has always liked you, right” Nie Suijing laughed again.

His voice was cold.

“What do you mean” Cao Yaoyao clenched her fists.

“You also sell to men outside anyway for money.

Which man hasnt tasted you” Nie Suijing had already investigated Cao Yaoyao.

He didnt expect Cao Yaoyao to be popular with older men like Miao Bing.

When he drank too much, he liked to brag about the few acrobatics in his bed, and Cao Yaoyao was the woman he talked about the most.

Miao Bing had praised her too much in drinking sprees.

Naturally, there would be men who wanted to find out.

The editor-in-chief was one of them.

“Nie Suijing, youre too much!” Cao Yaoyao felt deeply humiliated.

She had sold her body for money and resources, but her man had always been Miao Bing.

Nie Suijing was her second man.

But now, Nie Suijing wanted to pimp her!

“Its just a toy for ten thousand people to play with! Do you think Im too much” Nie Suijings knife hit Cao Yaoyaos face.

Cao Yaoyao felt a sharp pain.

Then, two drops of blood dripped from her face onto her hand.

“Oh, Im sincerely sorry.

My hand slipped.

Does it hurt” Nie Suijing said, but his eyes were smiling.

After he finished speaking, he felt the car stop.

He leaned over to Cao Yaoyao, who was already in a daze and whispered in her ear, “Ive already talked to the chief editor of the Magnificent Newspaper, Liu Song.

Lets get out of the car and serve him well.”

Cao Yaoyao hugged the door handle tightly.

Her eyes were filled with tears.

She knew what she would face after getting out of the car.

“Motherf *cker!” Nie Suijing lost his patience and punched Cao Yaoyaos elbow.

“Ah!” Cao Yaoyaos arm felt so much pain that she fell to the ground.

Nie Suijing dragged Cao Yaoyao to the entrance of the villa.

The man inside the villa deliberately left the door open.

Nie Suijing pulled Cao Yaoyao in.

Cao Yaoyao held her arm and stumbled as she was dragged by Nie Suijing.

Cao Yaoyao finally saw that the person standing in the villa was indeed Chief Editor Liu—Liu Song.

He was a teacher he once respected very much.

Liu Song was 43 years old this year.

He hadnt put on weight yet, but he couldnt be compared with young people.

He looked at Cao Yaoyaos face, which was all scrunched up, and how she was holding her arm in pain.

He admonished Nie Suijing, “Didnt I say to bring her here properly”

“She was disobedient on the way here and kept scolding you for being an old man and not worthy of sleeping with her.

Im running out of patience.” Nie Suijings lies came without a second thought.

“I didnt…” Cao Yaoyao shook her head weakly.

She didnt think that Liu Song wouldnt believe her.

“Isnt Miao Bing much older than me You wont mind the age after serving me!” Liu Songs face turned cold.

He looked at Nie Suijing and said, “Still not leaving”

“Then what about our deal…” Nie Suijing laughed.

“Wait for someone to contact you.” Liu Song waved his hand impatiently.

“Then, I wish you a good day today!” Nie Suijing said and left.

“Brother Song, I think my arm is broken.

Can you get a doctor to check” In this situation, resistance was useless.

Cao Yaoyao wouldnt do something that would cause trouble for herself.

“Its seriously broken” Liu Song was a little dissatisfied but still found a private doctor to come over.

After all, he could only play however he wanted if he did something to fix her injury.

After the private doctor came, he checked and said.

“Its dislocated.

Ill just correct it.”

“Then, hurry up.

Dont delay my business.” Liu Songs heart had long been itching.

“Alright,” he said.

Since the employer had said so, the doctor didnt care if Cao Yaoyao was in pain and immediately connected the dislocated bone back.

“Ah!” Cao Yaoyao screamed.

She was in so much pain that she almost fainted.

Her face was pale, and she lay on the bed while drenched.

The doctor didnt stay for long.

After all, they were all men.

He could see that Liu Song couldnt stand it anymore.

The door was closed.

Liu Song and Cao Yaoyao were left alone in the empty villa.

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