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In truth, it wasnt that Chen Weier was being pretentious.

It was just that the last time she did a classical dance was in university.

At that time, she was a carefree teenage girl.

Chen Anhe managed everything at home.

She only needed to be happy.

In addition, She and Nie Suijing had been in their honeymoon period then, and she had felt that her life was simply perfect.

But this time, her state of mind was completely different.

Chen Weier had experienced the destruction of her family, endured her mother-in-laws hypocrisy, and suffered her lovers betrayal and the death of her child in the womb.

She had the taste of death once.

Fate threw all kinds of hardships in Chen Weiers life in those few years.

Even though she still looked like a 22-year-old girl.

Her heart was already full of holes.

At this moment, Chen Weier honestly wanted to cry.

When she met He Xuns gaze, tears fell from her eyes uncontrollably.

Under the gorgeous lights, the beautys eyebrows were mixed with worry, and a teardrop quietly fell.

As her tears fell, Chen Weiers results were also projected on the public score screen: 99 points!

The result filled Chen Weiers heart with mixed feelings.

How lucky was she to have everything she had now

Applause rang out from the audience.

Chen Weier bowed deeply and left the stage.

After coming down from the stage, the mixed emotions slowly dissipated.

Chen Weier then realized that she had not been able to hold back her tears.

Now that she was back to her senses, she felt too pretentious just now.

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to die on the spot.

She didnt know if anyone else had seen her…

Because of all the random thoughts in her mind, Chen Weier walked toward the contestants seats.

This time, she didnt notice Cao Yaoyaos outstretched foot.

When Chen Weier reacted, she was shocked, and her body subconsciously fell forward.

However, she did not feel the hard ground she had imagined she would.

Instead, she fell into a warm embrace.

Chen Weier looked up and saw that the person who caught her was indeed Dou Shurui!

“Thank you…” Chen Weier hurriedly stood up from Dou Shuruis arms.

Although Dou Shurui had taken off his wig, he still wore a pleated skirt.

The two of them standing together was too awkward.

Dou Shurui was seated next to Cao Yaoyao.

When he saw Chen Weier fall, he subconsciously reached out to catch her.

However, after he touched Chen Weiers soft waist, Dou Shurui felt his arm was a little hot.

“Pay attention to your feet.” With that, Dou Shurui returned to his seat as if the loss of self-control just now had never happened.

Few people saw what had happened to Chen Weier since the lights were all on the stage.

But when she returned to her senses, Chen Weier looked in the direction where she had tripped and saw Cao Yaoyao looking at her.

Chen Weier finally understood.

Cao Yaoyao did it on purpose! Now, she could no longer hide her desire to embarrass her.

Chen Weier reminded herself repeatedly this was not the time to argue with her.

She had to calm down.

After the competition, she had plenty of ways to make Cao Yaoyao regret it.

Chen Weier returned to her seat.

Just as she sat down, Xuan Jianing leaned over from behind.

“Are you alright How could you be so careless Youll surely hit your face on the ground if you fall.”

“I was plotted against.” Chen Weier didnt hide anything, as if she was just saying something casual.

“Then, you should be careful.

Your scores are high now.

Some people will surely be jealous.

If youre injured, you wont be able to participate in the finals.

But then again, how was my idols embrace” Xuan Jianings eyes were focused on Dou Shurui.

She had seen the scene where Dou Shurui hugged Chen Weier.

“Nonsense!” Chen Weier said helplessly.

She could tell that Xuan Jianings personality was straightforward, like a boys.

But her thinking was dreadfully bizarre.

Other women would feel jealous or angry if their idol fell into another womans arms.

She even smiled and asked how the other womans arms were.

It was just a few short seconds.

How could she feel anything Plus, Chen Weier was starkly stunned at that moment.

She didnt have the mood to think about anything else.

“Im just asking.

So what Also, let me tell you a secret, President He saw it just now!” Xuan Jianing smirked.

Chen Weiers heart skipped a beat.

She looked up and saw He Xun looking at her.

“Didnt he just accidentally hug you Look at you.

Youre so scared.” Xuan Jianing laughed.

Chen Weier pursed her lips.

She had made He Xun too possessive.

That day at the amusement park, she had only complimented a boys refreshing hairstyle.

In the end, He Xun pulled her to the side.

He pressed Chen Weier against the wall and kissed her until she almost suffocated before he let her go.

Then he said, “Im the only man you have in your eyes!”

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