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However, seeing Dou Shuruis behavior, it seemed like he honestly did not care about the results.

Although Chen Weier was puzzled, she didnt have the mood to think about Dou Shuruis strange behavior because it was her turn to go on stage soon.

She quickly stood up and followed the staff to prepare.

The biggest problem with her wearing the cumbersome Han Chinese clothing was that it was particularly inconvenient for her to walk.

She had to walk several steps.

And Chen Weier was afraid she would accidentally step on the corner of her clothes when she dragged this traditional Chinese dress on the ground.

It would be embarrassing if that happened.

When she passed by Cao Yaoyaos seat, Chen Weier paid special attention and avoided Cao Yaoyaos deliberately extended foot.

This persons mind was vicious, and her face clearly revealed her killing intent.

Did she think Chen Weier was a fool

Cao Yaoyao clenched her fists when she saw Chen Weier stepping over her foot.

She truly didnt understand why her luck was always so good.

She couldnt accept this!


Chen Weier reached backstage safe and sound.

She tidied her clothes and the various kinds of red hairpins and phoenix coronas on her head.

These things were so heavy that Chen Weiers head hurt a little.

She didnt know how the ancient people survived.

However, she could only survive it after holding on for a while!

Chen Weier kept encouraging herself.

Then, the music stopped, and the last contestant walked down the stage.

Chen Weier took a deep breath and walked up the stairs.

After she stood still, she nodded at the music teacher.

The entire venue was surrounded by dignified and elegant classical music in the next second.

With the opening of the pipa song, Chen Weier raised her hand and danced to the music.

It was different from the national standard dance she had performed last time.

The national style dance was about gentleness and generosity.

Chen Weiers every frown and smile had grace and splendor that one could not ignore.

Not only He Xun but the others were also dumbfounded.

How many styles of dance could this first place of the preliminary auditions control

How many more surprises were there that they didnt know

The gap between these two dances was not just a little bit.

They had always thought that Chen Weier was a stunner.

But now, Chen Weiers sleeves fluttered, and her body seemed to flow with an invisible immortal aura.

Every turn of her body was as beautiful as a fairy descending to the mortal world.

It turned out that a good dancer could perform in many styles.

No matter how many difficulties they encounter, they could still overcome in between.

He Xun looked at Chen Weier on the stage in a daze.

He felt his blood boiling.

She was the person he liked—his wife—and the one he would spend the rest of his life with.

He loved Chen Weier.

In the beginning, he loved her because of that dream.

At first, he thought the dream was an illusion.

And the girl with the faint smile in the dream was also an illusion.

However, when he saw Chen Weier for the first time, he fell for her.

The person he thought he was fantasizing about actually existed.

He thought that this must be a surprise from the heavens.

They were destined to be together.

Now, he loved Chen Weier more.

However, this kind of love was not imaginary but a love of great appreciation and praise.

How could she be so amazing It was like gold, forever shining.

So sweet and so delightful!

Every movement, every smile, every turn.

They all struck a chord in his heart.

Not to mention He Xun, even Miao Bings saliva was about to flow out! He was so excited that he forgot all about the pain.

Why did such a beautiful woman have to be He Xuns wife Why couldnt it be someone without power or unmarried That way, he could have forcefully snatched her and made her dance naked in front of him.

Then, he would have a taste of her.

The more Miao Bing thought about it, the more satisfied he felt.


However, this woman was He Xuns wife.

Then, he thought of how that woman had beaten him up so quickly and accurately.

That seductive expression made him feel even more tempted.

Not to mention being beaten up by her, Miao Bing felt that if he could pull her to bed, he would even be willing to die for her!

The president of Wushang Media couldnt help but turn his head and clap.

“President He, shes from your company, right Its no wonder President Hes company is doing so well.

Theyre all ingenious!”

“Thank you, President Xu.” He Xuns lips curled up slightly.

“Then, Ill thank you on behalf of my wife.”


“Its what I should do…” Wushang Media subconsciously nodded and saluted him.

The next second, his expression froze on his face.

What did President He say just now

The dazzling woman on the stage was President Hes wife!

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