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Although Miao Bing had been silent, He Xun laughed when he heard the words of Wushang Media President.

The Wushang Media President heard He Xun laugh.

He was already a little embarrassed because Miao Bing had ignored him.

But now, he felt like he had been relieved of his embarrassment.

“President He, do you agree with me”

“Yes, its very reasonable.” He Xun still stretched his lips into a smile, and his words seemed sincere.

The president of Wushang Media looked at He Xun gratefully.

‘He was so understanding! He even helped people to resolve their awkwardness.

No wonder he could do big business.

As Miao Bing listened to these two peoples words, he was so angry that his blood pressure was about to rise.

Just as he was about to vomit blood, the game finally began.

Compared to the preliminary round, the criteria for evenly dividing the teams had changed.

Professional judges gave ninety percent of the points marks, and the live audience gave 10%.

The audience was too easily affected by the atmosphere, so the scoring was not objective.

It was also the reason why Chen Weier had chosen an ancient dance style today.

First, it was because the atmosphere did not lose out to momentum.

More importantly, as long as one did not make a mistake in the dance, they would indeed have an advantage.

The first person to go on stage was a girl.

She chose the water sleeve dance.

And her long, wide, ice blue sleeves fluttered with her movements, intertwining in the air to form a moving picture.

Chen Weier was fascinated by the scene.

Indeed, many capable people were present.

Probably it was because everyone had held back during the preliminary round.

After all, there were still two more rounds to go, and no one had revealed their most remarkable performance.

After the dance, Chen Weier felt that her chances were indeed not low.

At this moment, the girls results were displayed on the public score screen: 96 points.

Her score wasnt low, but this girl was worth it.

Chen Weier followed the audience and clapped for her!

After a while, accompanied by everyones shout, Dou Shurui came on stage.

He wore a sailor suit, white stockings that reached his calves, and black leather boots.

If it werent for his tall height and broad shoulders, he would look like a cute and beautiful little sister.

The Cross-Dressing Master, Dou Shurui, also danced in the 2D world.

More than half of the audience were boys.

When they saw the dance, their eyes were fixed on it.

And then, they cheered loudly.

Most boys loved this cute girl with two ponytails and a little skirt the most.

Dou Shurui, who was more than 1.8 meters tall, had become the cutest girl in the eyes of all the men present.

He Xun looked at the clothes on Dou Shuruis body, and his eyes became thoughtful.

If he wanted to get a set for Chen Weier to wear, the effect would surely be perfect.

At the thought of this, He Xun couldnt help but smile.

Ever since the two of them started living as a married couple, no matter what he saw, He Xun would almost always think of that matter and try it out with Chen Weier…

Dou Shurui was a cute girl on stage for a full five minutes.

After he finished dancing, the judges were all dumbfounded.

They honestly didnt know how to grade him.

According to the performance, Dou Shuruis level was not awful.

It could even be said to be very good, but…

His dance…

No matter how they looked at it, it was strange.

It was not a dance that could be called out at all.

So, how were they going to score it

The judges were also highly respected experts.

However, this virtue and prestige stirred up confusion to some extent.

It was also synonymous with old age and conservative thinking.

There was indeed no restriction on the type of dance used in the competition.

However, they had not expected someone to perform such a dance…

Therefore, Dou Shuruis dance was hard to accept.

Everyone was waiting for the results on the public score screen.

And after a few seconds, Dou Shuruis results were displayed.

Eighty points.

Chen Weiers heart ached.

With this result, Dou Shurui would probably stop here.

Dou Shurui, on the other hand, was expressionless.

He bowed respectfully to the professional judges and then got off the stage.

Chen Weier felt a little uncomfortable, but this result was understandable.

Its not that he couldnt choreograph his own dance, but he shouldnt choreograph his own dance without any basis.

It should be a dance that was known in the industry.

Although she didnt know why Dou Shurui made such a choice, Chen Weier still respected this courageous dancer.

At least, she didnt have such courage herself.

“Do you think Dou Shurui doesnt want to win the award at all” Xuan Jianing suddenly asked.

Upon hearing this, Chen Weier frowned.

“Didnt everyone participate in the competition to win the award Everyone wanted to get a result and prove their talent.

How could anyone not want to win an award”

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