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He Xun had wanted to do this in the dance studio for a long time, and he had finally succeeded.

With a satisfied expression, he patted Chen Weier, who was still lying on the yoga mat.

“Does it hurt Do you want me to massage your legs”

Chen Weier fiercely glared at him and weakly said, “Get lost!”

He Xun was satisfied and didnt want to argue with her.

He went downstairs to get her a glass of milk.

After drinking the milk, Chen Weier felt alive again.

She also had to thank He Xun for hishelp.

She was fully stretched out at this moment, and her dance movements were accurate and beautiful.

However, at almost midnight, He Xun came to catch her again and carried her back to the main bedroom.

She was then peeled clean and thrown into a bathtub at a suitable temperature.

After the bath, He Xun was responsible for packing her up, wiping her clean, and wrapping her in the quilt.

Chen Weier expressed that the service was excellent and slept with her eyes closed.

He Xun planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Good night, honey.”

The following day, Chen Weier and He Xun went to the competition venue together.

Today, they were still drawing lots on the spot.

When they were lining up to draw lots, Chen Weier felt everyone was looking at her with more respect.

After all, she was first in the preliminary round, so her advantage was there for all to see.

More importantly, everyone could see that her relationship with President He was not ordinary.

Naturally, it was different.

All in all, Chen Weier had become the center of attention.

As for Cao Yaoyao, who had received such treatment before, no one was interested in her.

These two days, Cao Yaoyao had a hard time.

That day at the mall, she had changed everything she could.

She then threw the things she had changed into the trash can and took a taxi to Li Jius apartment.

She didnt dare to go out at all, nor did she dare to look at her phone.

There was basically nothing in the new apartment, and the only mirror was in the bathroom.

She could only use her camera to record her dancing.

She danced over and over again to the point of exhaustion.

She wanted to find Miao Bing to deal with Nie Suijing.

But she suppressed the idea when she thought of Miao Bings appearance when he was beaten up.

If she went up to mention this now, she would be asking for trouble.

She could only be frightened and angry at Nie Suijing for being so evil.

But now, seeing Chen Weiers proud look, Cao Yaoyaos heart was full of holes.

Everything that happened to her today was because of Chen Weier.

If Chen Weier werent with Nie Suijing, she wouldnt have become so obsessed with Nie Suijing.

She wouldnt meet him again many years later and be bewitched by him.

She would firmly remember all her humiliation.

One day, she would return it all to Chen Weier! Not a single point less!

This time, Chen Weier drew No.


She felt she was truly fortunate.

It was another number in the middle.

The process was the same as last time.

The scene was vibrant, but it was also very chaotic.

Xuan Jianing came in second during the preliminary round.

That day, she wore a red dress to perform the rumba dance.

Even Chen Weier was stunned.

After all, she had never seen anyone perform the rumba dance with smokey makeup.

It was indeed original.

Besides, Xuan Jianing was also an artist under He Group Media, which meant that she was He Xuns employee.

In addition, Xuan Jianing had a forthright personality, and Chen Weier could feel that she wasnt pretending.

Thus, when Xuan Jianing stood beside her and spoke to her, Chen Weier listened quietly.

“I honestly dont like Jin Yujia.

Ive only attended a few parties with President He and have followed her.

I didnt even touch her clothes, and she thinks shes the future Madam He Moreover, her acting skills were not good.

She just had a lot of popularity and directly took the title, but how was she the real best actress Who gave her the award! Its all marketing.

Shes just waiting for this years award and wants to live up to her name.

But I dont think its going to work… To be honest, shes been very successful in commercializing.

She could earn money for the company! Youre called Chen Weier, right Ill call you by your name.

Dont worry.

Im just purely admiring your dance.

Im not interested in your private life.”

When Xuan Jianing came up and said a bunch of things, Chen Weier directly laughed.

“Yours is a great dance.

Its full of energy!”

“Its alright.” Xuan Jianing was a little smug.

She felt that she was pretty good at it too.

It was all inspired and created by her.

Chen Weier felt that Xuan Jianing was really too devoted.

Xuan Jianing suddenly asked, “I have a simple question.

Youre so amazing.

Why arent you famous Ive never even heard of you.

Ive never heard of you in the world of dancing… Be careful!”

With a cry of alarm, Chen Weier was pushed to the ground by Xuan Jianing.



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