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“I wont,” He Xun denied it seriously.

“How did you know” Chen Weier rolled her eyes at him.

He Xun never foresaw her giving birth to a soft little princess.

She had given birth to a naughty son instead.

In his dreams, his son was not only naughty but would also complain to his uncle.

Most importantly, this brat would snatch his wife away!

Although He Xun didnt know if his dream would come true, he had a strange feeling that everything in his dream was something he would experience.

Or rather, it could be his life in a parallel world

“Im asking you a question.

Do you want a daughter too” Chen Weier saw that he was in a daze, and she was immediately unhappy.

This man must have thought the little girl was cute and wanted her too!

“I do want one.” He Xun nodded his head obediently.

He had already experienced what it was like to have a son in his dreams… A daughter was still better.

She was soft, cuddly, and cute.

She also knew how to hug someone and act coquettishly.

At the thought of this, He Xun couldnt help but smile.

“You havent even started yet, but youre already fantasizing.

And youre so happy!” Chen Weier muttered!

However, Chen Weiers attention was immediately diverted by the other games.

She and He Xun stepped into the queue of the Ferris wheel.

However, as she was lining up, Chen Weier suddenly tiptoed and saw a couple in front of her with something shiny on their heads.

Her curiosity was piqued, and she shook He Xuns arm.

“Honey, look, what are they wearing on their heads”

He Xun was tall, so he could clearly see the hairbands on their heads at a glance.

Mickeys big ears were still shining.

“Youre wrong.” He Xun covered Chen Weiers eyes.

He honestly didnt want to wear it.

Ever since he could remember, his hair had been combed to the point where no single strand was out of place.


However, Chen Weier was even more curious and directly pulled on He Xuns fingers.

“Let me see!”

“Theres nothing to see.” He Xun said concisely.

Chen Weier was very dissatisfied that she couldnt get He Xuns hand off after a long time.

She smiled and directly scratched He Xuns arm.

Whenever someone touched her, she would laugh until she collapsed to the ground.

She thought He Xun would be the same.

However, He Xuns expression didnt change.

Even though he covered Chen Weiers eyes and she was jumping up and down beside him, he didnt seem to be in a sorry state.

Chen Weier was defeated and decided to change her move.

“Youve changed.

You dont love me anymore.

Tell me, do you have…”

Chen Weiers voice wasnt soft.

The sound caused everyone to turn their heads.

It also allowed He Xun to see the appearance of the headband.

It was truly too stupid! He couldnt let Chen Weier see it.

He immediately lowered his head and kissed her!


The surrounding people let out a sigh.

Chen Weier felt that she was about to suffocate.

Only then would He Xun be willing to let her go.

Then, He Xuns laughing voice rang out in her ear.

“Open your eyes.

Its our turn.”

She slowly opened her eyes.

The Ferris wheel was right in front of her.

The colorful lights were shining, adding a bit of romance to the night.

She and He Xun walked hand in hand.

After they sat down, the Ferris wheel slowly rose.

The entire amusement park slowly became shorter, and the area that appeared in Chen Weiers vision became larger and larger.

The galaxy, the mountains, the castle, and the children playing in the crowd gradually appeared in her eyes.

Under the light, He Xuns expression was gentle.

At this moment, the bell rang.

It was midnight! She looked outside excitedly, waiting for the gorgeous fireworks show.

He Xun kissed her on the lips again.

The kiss lasted for about a minute before He Xun slowly let go of her.

He pressed his forehead against hers.

“Weier, I love you.”


The fireworks lit up, and Chen Weier blankly saw the fireworks blooming in the sky.

She didnt know if the sound of the fireworks or her deafening heartbeat roared in her ears.

She didnt hear wrongly, right What did He Xun say That he loves her It was the first time He Xun had said he loved her.

Chen Weier felt that she should also say something.

However, He Xun didnt give her a chance.

It seemed that he only wanted to tell Chen Weier about this matter and didnt need a response.

He kissed her forehead and pulled her into his arms.

All they could see was the magnificent fireworks.

Chen Weiers heart thumped as she fell into He Xuns gentleness and confession.

Many messy thoughts popped into her mind, and all she could think about was He Xun!

On the other hand, He Xun curled his lips.

At this moment, he was extremely thrilled.

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