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At this moment, Cao Yaoyaos feelings were even more complicated.

Ever since she knew that Chen Weier was already married and that she was a super rich person, she had been holding a grudge in her heart.

She thought she had already defeated Chen Weier, but in the end, she was again crushed by Chen Weier.

She was still thinking about who Chen Weiers husband was.

Cao Yaoyao knew it the moment she saw He Xun, the President of the He Group, come back with Chen Weier in his arms.

He was so gentle to her…

Chen Weiers husband was He Xun.

If not, He Xun would not have kissed her so brazenly in front of everyone.

After all, President He had always been wearing a wedding ring on his ring finger.

If President Hes wife werent Chen Weier, he wouldnt have used his married status to kiss a woman who wasnt his wife in public.

Even though some of the rich and powerful were very open, they were all private.

In the public eye, who didnt want a positive image

Even Miao Bing, who had secretly dealt with countless women, was also reported by the media as a good man.

Things like shopping for his wife, accompanying his wife, and going on family trips…

All of these were staged by the reporters!

Cao Yaoyao clenched her fists.

Her nails dug into her flesh.

Why was Chen Weiers life always a good one

She was born into a wealthy family and pursued by all kinds of outstanding people when she was in school.

And after she graduated, she married the wealthiest president in the country.

Looking at the man she had found, not only was his power and wealth completely crushed by He Xun, but his image was also starkly incomparable! Cao Yaoyaos eyes flashed with a hint of malice.

She had been driven mad by jealousy!

However, Chen Weier pretended not to hear the discussions of the people around her.

If she won the award, she would no longer have to hide it.

Because at that time, she would have enough confidence to stand by He Xuns side.

However, after a while, everyone stopped looking at Chen Weier.

Badly beaten beyond recognition, Miao Bing was dragged in by five or four people.


“Oh my god, is that our companys Chairman Miao Whats going on”

“I do not see things, right Had he been beaten up Who would dare to beat Miao Bing up like this!”


Someone even poked Cao Yaoyaos arm.

“Sister Yaoyao, werent you with Chairman Miao this afternoon Whats happened to him”

“Dont talk nonsense! Ive never been with Chairman Miao!” Cao Yaoyao quickly denied it.

But she was still wondering in her heart.

When she left the storage room, he was still fine.


However, something flashed in Cao Yaoyaos mind.

Just now, Chen Weier wasnt around.

He Xun was in a hurry to find her.

After a while, He Xun returned with Chen Weier in his arms.

He was clearly consoling her in his expression!

Then, she thought about Miao Bings feelings for Chen Weier…

So, Miao Bing did something to Chen Weier, and He Xun happened to bump into him

Then, why was He Xun still so gentle toward Chen Weier If his woman was not clean, shouldnt he be disgusted

Cao Yaoyao recalled the disgust in Nie Suijings eyes when he realized it wasnt her first time in bed.

She then looked at He Xun squatting on the ground and coaxing Chen Weier humbly for a long time.

Why did all the good things belong to Chen Weier while she was the one who was embarrassed and shamed

The more Cao Yaoyao thought about it, the more she hated Chen Weier.

She wanted to humiliate her right now! But she couldnt and didnt dare to.

Cao Yaoyao closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

The most important thing now was the competition.

Miao Bing had already been arranged to sit beside He Xun, and the two sat beside each other.

He endured the intense pain to stop himself from wailing out loud.

He did not dare to look at He Xun beside him.

The president of Wushang Media from the other side exclaimed, “Chairman Miao, what happened to you!”

“I accidentally fell…” Miao Bing naturally wouldnt tell the truth.

He already felt he had lost all face.

But what gave him a headache the most was how He Xun would deal with him after the day passed.

Thinking of this, Miao Bing broke out in a cold sweat.

The bell rang, and the afternoon match began.

Jin Yujia was Contestant No.

59, and it was her turn soon.

Jin Yujias condition was terrible because of what happened with President He and Chen Weier at noon.

She had danced a few steps wrong and even got the beat wrong.

The judging teachers couldnt help but frown.

With this skill level, does she still have the nerve to participate in the competition

Jin Yujia suppressed her embarrassment.

And while she jumped, she glanced at He Xun.

He Xun had been looking down at his phone and did not even look at her!

In an instant, Jin Yujias heart fell to the bottom of the valley.

Her heart was a mess, and she couldnt dance.

She fell on the stage.

There was an immediate uproar.

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