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“Hes not worth your anger.

Dont worry.

I wont let him off,” He Xun consoled.

“He even tried to force himself on me.

Just thinking about it makes me feel disgusted.

I wonder how many more that trash will harm innocent girls!” Chen Weiers mood was very low.

He Xuns heart ached upon hearing this.

However, he didnt have the extra energy to pity other poor girls.

He was only afraid that Chen Weier would get hurt.

“Are you hurt anywhere”

“No, I wasnt,” Chen Weier shook her head.

She was indeed uninjured.

However, because she had He Xun, she could beat him Miao Bing without fear of the consequences.

Would those girls with no status or background be afraid of their revenge and not dare to resist

Would they care about their family and swallow their anger

Thinking of this, Chen Weier clenched her fists.

She only hated herself for not being strong enough.

As a girl herself, she understood the helplessness of other girls too well.

He Xun led Chen Weier to her seat and comforted her for a while.

“Look, youve already beaten him up.

Do you think youre taking revenge for everyone And when we get the video, well sue him and find some girls he has hurt to testify.

He wont be able to escape.”

“Our Weier will surely become stronger.

At that time, you can protect those weak girls!”

“Dont worry.

Ill always be by your side.

Be good, and dont be sad.”

Under He Xuns gentle comforting, Chen Weiers heart gradually calmed down.

He Xun was right.

If she wanted to protect others, she had to become stronger.

First of all, she couldnt be so fragile.

Thinking of this, Chen Weier felt much better.

“Im fine, hubby,” she said to He Xun while feeling embarrassed.

“The competition is about to start.

You should leave.”

“Okay, but you must tell me if youre still not feeling well.

Ill be here with you.” He Xun didnt care about these competitions at all.

He only came for Chen Weier.

“I dont want to.” Chen Weier shook her head.

She had been immersed in her depressed mood.She had directly ignored He Xun, who had been squatting beside her.

At this moment, everyones eyes were on them.

Although she also wanted He Xun to accompany her, this was a competition, and she had to follow the rules.

Hence, she poked He Xuns arm.

“Im honestly fine.

You should leave.”

After all, if He Xun didnt leave, the surrounding gazes would be glued to them!

“Sigh, youre truly throwing me away after youve used me.

Woman, is your name ruthless” He Xun found it funny and pinched her small face.

This little woman who had a look of dependence and grievance just now was now pushing him away.

His wife was too cute.

Chen Weier pulled off He Xuns hand rubbing her face and said in dissatisfaction, “I initially had a small face, but youve almost squeezed it into a big flat face!”

“If you have a flat face, I will like it too!” He Xun poked her forehead and gently kissed her.

“Youre the flat-faced one!” However, after her anger subsided, Chen Weier couldnt help but mutter.

“Why are you like my mother You keep poking my head!”

When He Xun heard this, he recalled that Chen Anhe indeed liked to poke her daughters head.

He couldnt help but laugh again.

His wife was the worlds number one cutie.

Even her head was so easy to poke.

Seeing that He Xun had finally left obediently, Chen Weier heaved a sigh of relief.

She thought that if looks could kill, she would have been killed countless times by her competitors.

As He Xun left the competitors area, everyones mentality jumped.

“President He truly went out to look for her!”

“Whats her relationship with President He If shes a third party, thats too blatant.

Madam He, doesnt she care”

“How do we even interfere Havent you heard that the rich and powerful all play their own games”

“To be honest, President He is so gentle.

Not only did he coax her, he even kissed her forehead when he left.

Even my boyfriend didnt do that to me.”

“This doesnt look like a kept relationship.

Its more like treating and pampering her like his wife.”

“Are you kidding me How could such a small artist be the wife of the He Groups president President He is also a man, so he probably just found her fresh.”

Everyones words didnt reach Chen Weiers ears, but Jin Yujia heard them clearly.

Right now, she wished she could kill Chen Weier.

Why was President He so good to her

She thought about how she occasionally participated in an activity with President He, but there was a half a meter distance between them, and she couldnt even touch his arm!

As for Chen Weier!

Thinking about what she had just seen, Jin Yujia was so angry that she almost felt dizzy.


Jin Yujia admitted she was better than Chen Weier in everything except her age! Was it because she was too reserved and not bold enough It must be like this! If she had the chance next time, she would surely let go of her reservations!

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