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Soon, it was finally Chen Weiers turn.

Two contestants earned the highest scores.

The first was Contestant No.

1, a female who performed ballet and received 91 points.

The second was Contestant No.

18, a male who performed breakdance and received 95 points.

Chen Weier took a deep breath and walked onto the stage with a smile on her face.

The first person she saw was He Xun sitting at the head of the guest area.

As the contestants were all artists from entertainment companies, the organizer had also invited the CEO of the entertainment company.

Unlike entertainment companies like Starry Media and Wushang Media, the He Groups business was spread across all industries, and the entertainment industry was only a branch.

In fact, the General Manager of the He Groups Media Department could have come.

There was no need for He Xun to attend in person.

However, because Chen Weier was one of the contestants, He Xun would surely come.

He wanted to see how beautiful his girl was on stage.

He also wanted to tell her that he would sit in the audience, cheering for her and supporting her.

She had nothing to be afraid of.

He would always be her strongest shield.

Upon seeing He Xun, Chen Weiers nervousness disappeared.

It was just like in the dance studio at home.

Chen Weier was practicing her dance, and He Xun was watching her in the corner.

Through the mirror, their eyes met.

As Chen Weier spun, their eyes quickly separated…

Chen Weier nodded at the music teacher, and then the music started.

She had chosen the national standard dance.

She had a confident smile, and her hair was combed back, revealing her smooth forehead.

Her oval-shaped face was even more exquisite.

The eyeliner at the corner of her eyes and the dark red color of her lips set off her entire temperament and made her exceptionally charming.

She reached out, spun, and danced.

The sequins and tassels on her skirt collided with each other.

At this moment, Chen Weier was radiant.

When the music reached a small climax…

Chen Weiers movements were natural and unrestrained.

She grabbed the corner of her skirt and directly tore it apart.

In an instant, the long skirt around her waist was torn into two.

It revealed her long, slender legs and her gold sequined short skirt.

“Wow!” Everyone was stunned by this action.

Chen Weiers actions became even more provocative as her skirt became shorter.

Miao Bings eyes changed, and he couldnt help but lick his lips.

His actions were so pure and lustful that he felt his whole body burning.

How he wished he could press her down on his body and have a good time!

After the dance, Chen Weier bowed deeply.

Then, her eyes turned to He Xun, who was in the guest area.

At this moment, the two of them looked at each other.

It was as if the entire audiences cheers had gone silent for a moment, and only He Xun was left in Chen Weiers world.

She could only see him!

He Xuns eyes were also fixed on her on the stage.

He Xun had watched her practice this dance many times at home, so he was very familiar with every move.

However, he had never been as shocked as he was now.

In his dream, Chen Weier often danced for him.

He watched her perform ballet, jazz… But the Chen Weier in his dream danced for him using international standards.

The unprecedented brilliance bloomed on the stage.

He Xuns heart was beating rapidly.

He suddenly understood what Chen Weier had said.

She was so outstanding.

She shouldnt just be Madam He.

She should also be Chen Weier.

At this moment, He Xun only wanted to plant a kiss on her feet, bow down to her, and be her eternal guardian.

Chen Weiers results were also very quickly projected on the public score screen.

Her final score was 97 points! It instantly soared to the highest point in the entire competition!

Chen Weier smiled.

He Xun didnt hide the love in his eyes and stood up to applaud her.

The guests were all people of high status, and He Xun was sitting at the head of the table, so he would surely be very eye-catching.

When the contestants saw He Xun, their faces changed one by one! Some of the audience might not know about this, but someone in the entertainment industry would!

He had appeared in countless business magazines and was known as a business genius.

He was also the current president of the He Group! He Xun.

The expressions of the people from Starry Media and Wushang Media also changed.

They began to discuss in low voices.

What was the relationship between this Contestant No.

47 and President He How could President He stand up and applaud her Thinking of what had happened yesterday, they suddenly understood her arrogance.

So, she was He Xuns woman

Contestant No.

47 had managed to get along with He Xun.

She must be a remarkable person! This time, no one dared to look down on her.

Moreover, her dance just now was honestly explosive.

The people from He Group Media did not look too good.

Throughout the entire morning, about 20 people from He Group Media went on stage, but He Xun did not even look at them.

It was because He Xun didnt know them at all.

Now, they understood that he had come purely for Chen Weier.

For a moment, the faces of the He Group Media people were as ugly as they could be.

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