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Waking up in Chen Weiers room for the first time, He Xuns nose was filled with a girls scent.

He Xun turned his head and looked at the girl in his arms.

He Xuns eyes darkened.

The girls exposed skin had red spots, which reminded him of last nights marvelous experience.

It was so beautiful that he wanted to experience it again… This time, He Xun didnt hold back.

He lifted the quilt and pressed himself on top of her.

“He—” Something warm awakened Chen Weier.

She opened her eyes in confusion and saw the man working hard.

Coincidentally, the mans sweat was dripping between her eyebrows.

Seeing that she had woken up, He Xuns actions became even crazier…

Finally, after the storm had passed, He Xun lay down again with a satisfied expression.

Chen Weier was still gasping for breath.

Her back was hurting, and her legs were soft and trembling.

He Xun held the girl tightly in his arms.

They could feel each other.

He then said thoughtfully, “Lets just have the baby later, okay”

“Why” Chen Weier subconsciously frowned.

Did he not want her to bear his child

Well, that was because he couldnt do bad things after having a child! Someone would snatch his wife away from him! Of course, He Xun definitely couldnt say this.

Instead, he analyzed thoughtfully.

“Look, youre going to start dancing again.

If youre pregnant now, itll affect your career development.”

Chen Weiers body stiffened.

How could she have forgotten about the dance! She still wanted to become the dancing queen!

Seeing Chen Weiers reaction, He Xun immediately continued, “You still have to.

You need to rest during pregnancy.

If youre dancing, you definitely cant rest… I dont want you to give up your career for me.

You should fulfill your dream first.

Were not in a hurry for the baby.

After all, were still young, dont you think so”

He Xun said it so seriously that Chen Weiers eyes immediately became wet.

She hugged He Xun tightly.

“Hubby, thank you! Youre too considerate of me.”

“No need to thank me.

I hope youre happy.

Well talk about the child a few years later,” He Xun said seriously.

“Yes.” Chen Weier buried her head in He Xuns heart and nodded heavily.

However, she didnt see He Xuns triumphant smile.

He had finally brought home a charm, and he couldnt let a mischievous little tyrant snatch her away!

“As for our future son, Ill have to trouble him to be born a few years later!”

After she finished talking about the child, Chen Weier went to take a shower with trembling legs.

It was indeed too sticky and uncomfortable.

However, the moment she entered the bathroom, her face turned red.

In the mirror, her face was pale, and her lips were rosy.

From her neck down… If she went out, she would probably have to use seven or eight layers of concealer to cover herself barely! Thinking of this, Chen Weier couldnt help but curse He Xun, the culprit! This body shape she had been working out for years was not for nothing!

As for the culprit, He Xun was lying on Chen Weiers bed with a well-pleased smile.

After a while, Chen Weier came out in a bathrobe and poked He Xun.

“Go take a shower… I feel so tired.”

He Xun held her hand and kissed it deeply.

“Then, Ill take my time in the future…”

Chen Weier chuckled.

If she believed these words, she would be a fool! She had not forgotten the mans gaze last night.

It was so fierce that he wanted to eat her up.

That speed was so fast that there was an afterimage…

After He Xun got out of bed to shower, Chen Weier took out her phone and looked at it for a while.

She saw a piece of news.

Was it seriously Cao Yaoyaos relationship

Chen Weier was stunned for a moment.

She clicked on the details and saw a long post from Cao Yaoyao on social media.

[That year when I first entered the school, a few boys harassed me.

You appeared like a ray of light! From that moment on, I knew I had fallen.

Today is the fifth anniversary of our relationship.

I finally dare to disclose you, my lover, in front of everyone—Nie Suijing.]

There is a picture attached below.

It was a picture of Cao Yaoyao and Nie Suijing snuggling together.

Chen Weier directly laughed.

On their fifth anniversary, she seriously had the face to say it! She clicked on Nie Suijings personal information and discovered that he was a new artist signed by Starry Media.

Chen Weier understood that he was trying to gain popularity.

He Xun came out of the shower and saw Chen Weier giggling.

“What are you looking at”

Chen Weier immediately passed her phone to him.

“These two people are honestly willing to do anything for their benefit.”

He Xun took the phone and raised his eyebrows.

“Weier, you seriously had a bad taste in men in the past.”

Chen Weier nodded in agreement.

“But Im good at choosing men! My husband is the best!”

“Really” He Xuns eyes were as deep as a pool of water.

“Of course!” Chen Weiers expression was proud.

“My wife has such good taste!” He Xuns lips curved up.

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