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He Xuns face starkly darkened, and monstrous anger filled his eyes! By the time he brought Yang Zui to the restaurant, the place was already in a mess.

The juice has tightly stuck Chen Weiers clothes to her body.

The others were even more miserable.

Luo Xinrui and He Yeli were splashed with the juice of various colors by Chen Weier.

The splashed juices ruined their makeup, making their custom-made clothes even more colorful.

Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun were also kicked to the ground by Chen Weier.

Chen Weier surprisingly learned martial arts before.

They didnt expect her to handle the fight quickly, making them cry in pain.It seemed that she didnt learn it for anything.

“Chen Weier, youre crazy! I didnt splash it on you!” Luo Xinrui hurriedly wiped her face with a tissue.

“I didnt see who it was.

So I wont let anyone off!” Chen Weier looked at Luo Xinrui and He Yelis embarrassing appearance.

She felt much better.

He Yeli had never suffered such grievances before, so she rushed to Chen Weier without saying anything.

However, Chen Weier had some martial skills, so she could easily capture a delicate lady.

She held He Yeli down and pressed her knee on He Yelis waist.

“Have you forgotten how I beat you up last time You still dare to be arrogant”

“Im going to kill you!” He Yelis blood was boiling, and she completely lost her mind and pulled Chen Weiers hair.

Chen Weier hissed in pain and grabbed Yelis hair.

The two fought like this, and no one dared to stop them.

Luo Xinrui wished the fight between the two would be as severe as possible.

When He Xun found out, he would surely hate the shrew-like Chen Weier and kick her out of the house!


The crowd heard a cold male voice.

The onlookers were shocked and moved aside.

Chen Weier and He Yeli also froze when they heard the familiar voice…

Chen Weier thought in her heart,Im finished.

He Xun was going to see my ugly appearance!

He Yeli thought,Oh my god, Third Brother is here.

Shes finished!

Luo Xinrui quickly turned around to clean up her messy makeup.

As for the people who were watching, they were even more amused.

The matter had blown up, and President He was here.

Among the three people fighting inside, one was his sister, one was his rumored Madam He and the other claimed to be his little sweetheart.

They wanted to see who President He would help.

He Xuns face was gloomy as he strode over.

Chen Weier stood up in a hurry, but she didnt dare to look up.

She lowered her head and looked at her toes.

She pretended to be obedient.

However, her wet clothes stuck to her body, showing off her alluring curves.

He Xuns adams apple bobbed as he quickly took off his suit and wrapped it around her to block any outside gazes.

Luo Xinruis heart ached when she saw this scene.

Her eyes were about to pop out.

Even though He Xun had seen Chen Weiers crazy appearance with his own eyes, he only had Chen Weier in his heart.

He didnt even look at her, let alone pay attention to He Yeli, who was still lying on the ground.

Was Chen Weier indeed that important to him

“What are you guys doing” He Xun held Chen Weier in his arms and looked at the crowd with an ice-cold expression.

The others were also panicking.

The plot was utterly wrong.

President He and Chen Weier…

“Third Brother!” He Yeli stood up and pointed at Chen Weier.

“She was the one who bullied me first!”

He Xun glared at He Yeli.

“Is this how the He family taught you Dont you have any manners”

“Me!” He Yeli felt very embarrassed.

She fought with someone in her own company, but her brother didnt help her at all.

However, He Yeli had wholly forgotten she had never treated He Xun and his brothers as family.

He Xun warned, “He Yeli, Im telling you for the last time.

I have several ways to take the He Groups shares from you.

Im too lazy to talk to you.

Its not that I cant take them! If something like this happens again, you will no longer have a place in the He Group!”

Everyones face turned pale.

Who was this Chen Weier How could she make President He kick Young President He out of the He Group for her

At this moment, Luo Xinrui had already tidied up her makeup.

She quickly came out and said something nice to show her gentleness.

“Brother He Xun, about today…”

“Miss Luo,” He Xun interrupted her coldly.

“From today onwards, I can change the person reporting.

Im willing to bear the penalty.”

“Brother He Xun! Today was truly an accident, I…” Luo Xinrui was anxious.

How could she get close to He Xun if it was someone else

And He Xuns words could be said to have slapped her in the face in public! Everyone had always thought Luo Xinrui came to the He Group for personal reasons.

They didnt expect it to be a cooperation between the groups.

He Xun ignored her.

He lowered his head and asked Chen Weier worriedly, “Are you hurt anywhere”

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