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Yu Xinwus face changed.

“Chen Weier The one who teaches dance Who told you that shes a new actress in our company”

“She even took your companys registration form to participate in a dance competition!” Cao Yaoyao squinted her eyes.

The entertainment companies reserved the spots for the competition, but there werent many spots.

There were at least a hundred people in the entire He Group Media.

She thought that Chen Weier getting this spot would have caused an uproar in He Group Media.

She didnt expect that Yu Xinwu didnt know about it.

Thinking of this, she was happy.

Yu Xinwu embarrassed her today, so she would not let her off easily either!

“Youre talking nonsense! I cant even get my hands on that registration form!” Yu Xinwu gritted her teeth.

She had learned how to dance for many years.

When she discovered this, she and her manager had been busy for a long time.

In the end, they did not even see the shadow of the registration form.

“Tsk, I thought youre very prominent, but youre not even as good as someone who just signed a contract” Although Cao Yaoyao wanted to annoy Yu Xinwu, she didnt expect Chen Weier to have such an influential person on her side.

This person was able to give her a registration form everyone wanted without alerting anyone.

It seems that Chen Weier cant be underestimated even after two years.”

“You!” Yu Xinwu was exasperated.

“Even the Film Empress Jin Yujia had a hard time getting one! How could Chen Weier have it!” Although Yu Xinwu said that, she thought of the relationship between Chen Weier and Yang Zui…

“Who is Yang Zui He is He Xuns assistant.

Even though he is President Hes assistant, everyone treated him like a president.

After all, he was the closest to President He.

He was entrusted with great power in the entire He Group.

Its up to you whether you believe it or not.

Im just reminding you to see who you really should deal with!”

With that, Cao Yaoyao limped away.

Yu Xinwu gritted her teeth in anger! To think that being Yang Zuis woman would give her so many privileges! She only hated herself for not striking first.

Even Cao Yaoyao was able to get a registration form from Chairman Miao.

What about her There was nothing!

“Why arent you coming in” Miao Bing was getting impatient.

“Chairman Miao, Im coming…” Yu Xinwu immediately said.

Miao Bing was already getting impatient, and he reprimanded in dissatisfaction.

“What took you so long What are you talking about with Cao Yaoyao”

“Big Sister Cao said shes going to participate in a dance competition and asked me if Im going.” Yu Xinwu pouted and leaned into Chairman Miaos arms.

A malicious glint flashed past her eyes.

“Its just a dance competition.

Whats there to participate in Big Brother has better things for you!” Miao Bing had been around for many years, so he naturally understood what a new dancer meant.

But Cao Yaoyao had been with him for many years, and she had always given him her first time.

Her body had always been clean, and she was also a professional dancer, so it was only natural for him to provide her with a registration form.

But what was with Yu Xinwu The artists from other companies had followed many people before and wanted to get resources from him

“Really” Yu Xinwu was overjoyed.

“Chairman Miao, do you have anything better”

“Youll know soon enough!” Miao Bing smiled and took out his props…

When it was over, Yu Xinwu struggled to straighten her body and leaned on Chairman Miaos shoulder who was smoking.

“Brother Miao, what good thing are you going to give me”

“Didnt I just give it to you You still want more” Miao Bing said nonchalantly.

Yu Xinwus face changed color immediately! This older man was indeed toying with her! She resisted the urge to scold him and said shyly, “Didnt you say you would give me resources”

Chairman Miao sneered.

“Do you think Id use my resources to promote someone from another company”

Yu Xinwu was stunned.

Then, she said, “I also want to terminate the contract, but the penalty is more than 80 million yuan.

If Chairman Miao is willing to bear the cost, I will come to your company immediately!”

“More than 80 million yuan Do you think Im stupid and rich” Miao Bing got up and picked up his wallet from the bedside table.

He pulled out a card and threw it at Yu Xinwus face.

“Theres more than a million yuan in here.

Take the card and get lost.

You dont have to come here again!”

“Chairman Miao! What do you mean by that!” Yu Xinwu exclaimed.

“Get lost!”

As she walked out of Chairman Miaos apartment, Yu Xinwu cursed.

“Damn it.

Youre trying to get rid of me with just one million yuan Who do you think I am”

However, she remembered something and turned around to talk to her manager, Brother Zhu, about Chen Weier.

That was more important.

The more he spoke, the more frustrated Yu Xinxu became.

Bad news filled her entire night! First, Cao Yaoyao ridiculed her.

Then, she just realized Chen Weier had great potential.

Then, Miao Bing also dumped her! What kind of life was she living!

And Chen Weier was currently living a good life.


He Xuns strong body jumped into the pool, causing waves to splash.

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