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“Im signing up.

I still have to thank you.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have known.” Chen Weier said.

Guo Dan laughed.

“Youre welcome.

We all know how talented you are.

However, it would be a pity if Teacher Chen didnt go since shes so talented.”

“Dont say that.

Youre very talented.” Chen Weiers words were not mere flattery.

She could feel Guo Dans efforts.

“Yes.” Guo Dan couldnt help but ask, “Teacher Chen, you truly dont have any feelings for Manager Wang”

“Of course, nothing!” Chen Weier smiled helplessly.

“So youve finally decided to pursue him”

“I seriously like Wang Xiao.

Its not because hes good-looking.

He helped me before…” Guo Dan said shyly.

Chen Weier patted her shoulder and sighed, “While youre still young, pursue him if you like him.

If you succeed, then youll be together.

If you fail, then theres no regret.”

Guo Dans eyes lit up.

“I think so too.

If Teacher Chen has no feelings for him and you two dont like each other, I still have a chance!”

“How could I have any thoughts about him Im married!” Chen Weier helplessly smiled.

“Teacher Chen, youre married Arent you only 22!” Guo Dans eyes widened.

“I got married early, and Ive been married for more than two years,” Chen Weier calmly said.

“Then, you two must be very close, right You guys were university classmates” Guo Dan was immediately curious and asked excitedly.

Chen Weier poked her in the middle of her eyebrows.

“Were not classmates.

He was introduced to me by my family.

I thought he was good, so I got married.”

“Wow! Then, when will we be able to meet this man who married Teacher Chen”

Chen Weier smiled.

“There will be a chance.

Youve indeed met each other before!”

“Is he handsome How is he compared to Manager Wang”

“Of course, my husband is more handsome!” Chen Weier said proudly.

“Then, how about comparing with President He”

“How do I explain this” Chen Weier asked.

“Hes equally handsome! Alright, alright, lets hurry up and practice!”


(Cao Yaoyaos Apartment)

Cao Yaoyao received a call from Chairman Miaos assistant when she got home.

It was a request for her to be at the venue immediately.

She glanced at Nie Suijing, who was cooking for her and told him not to cook for her.

She wasnt coming back tonight.

“Yaoyao! I made it for you.

Dont you want to try it” Nie Suijing called out to her.

“No, I wont.” Cao Yaoyao didnt even look at it.

“If you dont have enough money, let me know.”

Nie Suijing hurried over to help her put on her shoes.

“Its not about money.

I seriously like you and feel bad for you.”

Cao Yaoyao pushed him away.

“Got it.

Ill ask the company if they want to sign a new artist.” After saying that, she left.

Nie Suijing was left alone to flip the table full of dishes! She was just a b*tch.

When Cao Yaoyao was in school, and someone gave her to him for free, he didnt even like her.

Now, she indeed dared to give him the cold shoulder!

In the end, it was still the fault of that useless Chen Weier.

She truly signed a pre-marriage agreement with He Xun Otherwise, why would he need to be at the mercy of others

On the other side, Cao Yaoyao rushed to Chairman Miaos apartment.

As soon as she entered, a pair of big, fat hands held her down at the entrance, ripped her skirt, and rushed in.

It hurt so much that tears welled up in Cao Yaoyaos eyes.

Fortunately, it didnt take long.

Five minutes later, Chairman Miao cursed and turned to the bathroom.

Cao Yaoyao tidied herself up and waited for him to come out obediently.

Chairman Miao came out again.

Naked, he took a bottle of wine and started to force Cao Yaoyao to drink.

Cao Yaoyao didnt eat anything.

She forced herself to drink a few glasses before she couldnt drink anymore.

She refused, “Chairman Miao, I truly cant drink anymore…”

Before she could finish, Miao Bing raised his hand and slapped him.

“Who do you think you are If you dont want to drink, then get lost!”

“No, Chairman Miao, I…”

“Get lost!” Miao Bing was already angry because of the lack of time.

Now, his sexual desire was not satisfied.

He kicked the woman away and turned back to the bedroom.

Cao Yaoyao was lying on the ground after being hit.

She calmed herself down and thought about how to comfort him once he opened the door again.

Yu Xinwu came in wearing a sexy dress.

Yu Xinwu laughed.

“Sister Cao, what are you doing And youre lying on the ground Dont be too surprised.

Your position might have to change in the future.”

Cao Yaoyao laughed coldly, feeling bitterness in her heart.

She has been with Chairman Miao since she was 18.

That was four years ago.

Even a dog would have feelings.

In the end, Miao Bing just threw her away like that! However, she would not let go of Yu Xinwu.

Cao Yaoyao stood up and said, “Your company signed a woman called Chen Weier, right Shes not as good-tempered as I am.

Ill wait to see how she ends up!”

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