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Fortunately, they arrived on the 88th floor at this time, and Yang Zui quickly ran away.

Chen Weier snorted fiercely in her heart.

As expected of He Xuns assistant, who had been by his side for many years, his mouth was tight, and she couldnt find anything!

It was Chen Weiers first time in He Xuns office.

It was enormous, and it looked a bit like a hotel suite.

There was a reception room, a lounge, and an office area.

At this moment, He Xun was waiting for Yang Zui and his wife to come to eat lunch with him in the guest room, in the outermost area.

Chen Weier looked around and didnt find any suspicious other womens items.

She secretly thought she would leave her little things here directly next time so she could declare her sovereignty.

“What are you looking at Lets eat!” He Xuns voice wasnt loud, but Chen Weier felt guilty and was shocked.

She quickly sat opposite He Xun and began to eat.

He Xuns taste wasnt easy to serve.

Only the food that could make him feel it was delicious would suffice.

Chen Weier ate it very deliciously.

Seeing Chen Weier eating so happily, He Xun, who initially didnt have much appetite, also felt a little hungry.

However, just as he picked up a piece of fish, he saw Chen Weier attentively place the deboned fish into his bowl.

She blinked and said, “Eat it, Hubby.

I picked it out, especially for you.”

After the meal, Chen Weier surprisingly transformed into a sweet little wife and kept placing food into He Xuns bowl.

After He Xun finished eating, his stomach was already a little round.

In the end, Chen Weier even asked him, “Hubby, are you truly full Give me another plate of preserved plum.”

“Im truly full!” He Xun quickly put down his chopsticks.

If he continued eating, his stomach would explode.

Chen Weier put down her chopsticks in satisfaction.

“Its great to have lunch with my husband!”

He Xun secretly heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “Youre full too”

“Mm! Hubby, your food is truly delicious!” Chen Weier said happily.

“If you like it, you can eat daily with me.” As He Xun spoke, he took out the elevator card for the 88th floor.

“Thank you, Hubby!” Chen Weier took the card and screamed in her heart.

It was her first step to successfully infiltrating the He group and getting close to her husband.

She had succeeded!

While Chen Weier was still happy, someone on the other side was exploding!

“Whats that womans background She was seriously talking and laughing with Yang Zui.

I even saw Yang Zui take her to the presidents private elevator!” Yu Xinwu was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

She couldnt help but shake her managers arm.

“Brother Zhu, you must help me find out whats going on! What if all the resources are hers in the future What am I going to do”

Brother Zhu was also puzzled.

“Yang Zui has been working for President He for many years.

Many artists have tried to seduce him, but none of them succeeded.

Hes the second most difficult man to seduce in the company, except for President He.

He has quite a lot of power in his hands.

That woman can do it so easily, so shes surely not a simple person.

Dont panic.

Ill find out whats going on first!”

Yu Xinwu was so angry that she tore the script in her hand into pieces.

She used to think about getting on Yang Zuis good side so that she could get some resources.

However, when Yang Zui looked at her, she was like air.

At that time, she thought that Yang Zui either liked men or she was not beautiful enough.

In addition, Mu Yun, who was famous for her sexy figure, was also rejected by Yang Zui.

Therefore, everyone assumed that Yang Zui did not like these things.

But today, he had slapped everyone in the face! However, this womans figure was not as good as Mu Yuns, and she was not as flirtatious.

The intern looked pure, but Yang Zui remained unmoved! Yu Xinwu only saw his back today.

She had heard everything else from others.

The more she thought about it, the more upset she felt…

Until Brother Zhu, who returned from the news, said that the woman was a dance teacher.

Did she teach dance

Yu Xinwu didnt think so.

“How much money can a dance teacher make If she could get together with Yang Zui, she could get all the resources she wanted! Would she not be tempted”

The more she thought about it, the more Yu Xinwu felt a sense of crisis.

Chairman Miao now had Cao Yaoyao, who had been with him for several years.

She could only pick up resources that Cao Yaoyao did not want.

If Yang Zui was just hiding his true colors and was a lustful man, she could not let this opportunity go!

Brother Zhu was a little impatient.

“Stop dreaming.

You stripped naked in front of Yang Zui, and he didnt take a fancy to you.

If you have the time, why dont you think about how to replace Cao Yaoyao Then, all of Chairman Miaos resources will be yours.”

Yu Xinwu was immediately annoyed, “I did want to! How can it be that easy…”

On the other side, some secretly watched Chen Weier, but she didnt know.

During break time, Guo Dan carefully asked, “Teacher Chen, have you signed up for the dance competition”

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