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“I…” He Xun opened his mouth gently but realized that his voice was already extremely hoarse.

A wave of anger was running wildly in his body.

He tried his best to restrain his thoughts of pressing her down.

He couldnt scare her, He Xun warned himself over and over again.

“Whats wrong with you” Chen Weier didnt feel that there was anything wrong with He Xuns voice at all.

She only felt that He Xuns body seemed to be very hot.

Did He Xun catch a cold and have a fever

“Im on a business trip to discuss a… Chen Weier! What are you doing” He Xun was so angry that he almost spat fire.

He grabbed Chen Weiers hand that was reaching for his pants!

“I… I didnt do anything!” Chen Weier raised her head and looked into He Xuns dark eyes.

Her big eyes kept blinking, showing her innocence.

If her other hand had not been on his chest, He Xun would have truly believed Chen Weiers words.

“Dont mess around,” He Xun coaxed her patiently in a hoarse voice.

Only the heavens knew that he was about to explode from holding it in.

She was soft and fragrant in his arms.

Her breath filled the tip of his nose.

Those eyes that were like those in his dream were staring straight at him.

“Im not fooling around!” Both of Chen Weiers hands were suppressed and couldnt move, but it didnt stop her fingers from moving.

She scratched here and there.

She didnt believe that she couldnt move this man.

He Xun closed his eyes and didnt look at her.

He held Chen Weier tightly in his arms and wrapped her two small hands in his big hands to stop her from burning his body.

However, he had underestimated Chen Weiers persistence.

Although she couldnt move her body and hands, she could still move her head.

Chen Weier naturally used the tip of her nose to rub against his chest like a gluttonous kitten.

Chen Weier smiled slightly.

How could she let go of this opportunity He Xun had quarreled with his sweetheart.

He was feeling terrible and needed a warm embrace.

His body was also lonely.

This was the time for her, his legal wife, to give herself to him.

At this moment, He Xun gritted his teeth to maintain his last bit of clarity.

At this time, the driver in front suddenly lowered the partition.

Chen Weier was overjoyed.

Did you see that Even the heavens were helping her! She would surely give this driver a raise in the future.

Seeing that He Xuns face had already turned red, Chen Weier smiled and said, “Honey, whats wrong Your face is so red!”

“Chen Weier!” He Xun gritted his teeth, wishing he could…

“What about me Hubby, do you truly not miss me” Chen Weier didnt give up and blew into He Xuns ear.

“You, move to the side!” He Xun pushed her out, but Chen Weier clung tightly to him, refusing to let go.

She continued to say in an aggrieved tone, “Do you have a woman outside Im your wife, whats wrong with me holding you Why didnt you let me hug you! Im the legal one!”

“What nonsense are you talking about” He Xun covered her mouth in anger.

“There are still people around.

Arent you afraid of embarrassing yourself by spouting nonsense”

The moment he finished speaking, the person in his arms finally settled down.

He Xun also heaved a sigh of relief.

However, in the next second, he heard her leaning over his ear and laughing.

“Hubby, the chauffeur has already lowered the partition.

Your car is worth hundreds of millions, so the sound insulation should be very good, right”

He Xun looked over with an ashen face.

Sure enough, the partition had been lowered.

Now, even if Chen Weier was singing, the driver wouldnt be able to hear her, let alone speak.

At this moment, the restless little woman climbed up again.

“Hubby, did you miss me or not”

He Xun grabbed both of Chen Weiers wrists with one hand.

Chen Weier was in pain, but no matter how hard He Xun used his strength, she couldnt break free.

He Xuns other hand quickly pulled off his tie and directly wrapped it around Chen Weiers hands.

Tied up

Chen Weiers eyes instantly lit up.

She didnt expect He Xun to like this.

She could.

She stopped struggling and obediently let him tie her up.

Then, she saw He Xun tie her hands to the handle on the roof of the car.

Chen Weiers heart was filled with excitement, while He Xun was still attentively tying the rope.

Her face was rubbing against his chest, and she could hear his heart beating faster.

Thinking of the scene that was about to happen, she couldnt help but blush, but she was also looking forward to it.

At this moment, He Xun finally tied Chen Weier up.

In the next second, he sat on the other side as if he was avoiding a virus, with a distance of one meter between them!

Chen Weier was shocked.

What direction was this

“Be good.

Ill send you home first, then Ill go back to the company.” He Xun finally calmed down, and the little wild cat that was jumping around was also tied up.

It would not jump on him again! Luring everywhere!

“You…” Chen Weier couldnt believe it.

“Do you have a problem”

He Xun looked at her deeply, and his tone was unprecedentedly serious.

“Chen Weier, do you know what youre doing Do you know what youve done”

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