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“Teacher Chen,” Wang Xiao said with a smile, “Are you free after work”

“Whats wrong” Of course, Chen Weier wouldnt directly say whether she had the time or not.

She had to wait for his answer before she could decide.

If it was about work, she would have time, but if it was a private matter, she would not have time.

She was the wife of the He Groups President.

Of course, she couldnt tell He Xuns subordinates anything.

Wang Xiao scratched his head awkwardly.

“I just found out about what happened yesterday.

I brought you trouble when I had dinner with Teacher Chen, so I want to apologize to Teacher Chen.

If youre free, Ill treat you to a meal.”

“Im sorry, I have something to do.” Chen Weier interrupted his words.

He knew that there was a scandal about eating with her, but he still wanted to eat with her If she agreed, she must be crazy.

Wang Xiao had expected Chen Weier to refuse, but he didnt expect her to refuse so directly.

She almost wrote on her face,Stay away from me. He was stunned for a second before he put on a normal expression.

“Then, Ill apologize to Teacher Chen another day.”

Chen Weier smiled and said, “You dont have to apologize.

Its not a big deal.

Ill go back first.

I still have to rush to pick up the child.

The child is just like his father.

Its like he cant live without me.” After saying that, Chen Weier turned around and left.

Wang Xiao was left alone in a daze.

So, he was in love with a woman who was married and had a child She looked so young, and according to the information, she was only 22 years old this year.

How could she…

At this moment, He Xun, who was far away overseas, sneezed.

Did he catch a cold Or was someone talking about him Then, he expressionlessly motioned for Yang Zui to continue with his report.

“Director Guan Libo has never given us a clear idea.

I think he wants us to bid with other companies, and the one with the highest price will win.

This Guan Libo is truly cunning.”

“Who gave him the confidence to think that hes the only one I can have” He Xuns face was cold.

Yang Zui wanted to say, “Didnt you give it to me” For the past few days, to avoid his wife, he had not paid much attention to discussing business with Director Guan Libo.

However, he had attended many gatherings, big and small.

It was inevitable that Guan Libo would think that He Xun was trying to get on his good side.

Naturally, he became high-profile.

Of course, Yang Zui did not dare to say this.

“Book a plane ticket for tomorrow morning,” He Xun said with a sneer.

When Chen Weier returned home, she went to look for Aunt Song and asked her if anyone had come today.

Then, she saw a brown paper folder with the dance competitions registration form written on it.

On the lower right corner was the He Media Companys official seal.

Chen Weier took out a pen and quickly wrote down her information.

Her heart was extremely excited.

Last time, she was completely irrational about love and had forgotten her dream.

No one knew that she could be a dancing queen.

This time… She could truly prove herself.

The next day, Chen Weier asked for leave from Wang Xiao and went to the Cultural Center to submit the registration form.

As soon as she went upstairs, she was surrounded by the smell of various perfumes and the sound of chattering.

“Teacher Yu, I cant believe Im able to meet you here.”

“And Teacher Fang Liu, Im still following your new drama.”

“Thats right.

So many senior teachers have surely come.”

“Oh my god, do we still have a chance”

Chen Weier felt a bit of a headache.

They were all people with dance skills, but some of the girls were truly too noisy.

She found a corner, but she didnt expect to hear another clamor.

“Oh my god, am I seeing things Was it Cao Yaoyao Shes a dancer and a graduate of a dance academy.

Do we even need to compete Well surely lose.”

“Yeah, I remember that Cao Yaoyao came in second in that years competition.

If shes so good, what about the first place”

“Yeah, the number one dancer has left the dance world, right Otherwise, why havent I heard of it”

Chen Weier sneered.

Back then, she was number one.

If she hadnt met Cao Yaoyao, she would have forgotten about this person.

Back in university, she and Cao Yaoyao were roommates, and the two of them naturally became friends.

However, Cao Yaoyaos family background was average, so she found an old man to become her sugar daddy.

At that time, she even tried to persuade Chen Weier, but because of this, the two of them became further apart.

However, one day, Cao Yaoyao was bullied and Nie Suijing came to help her.

Cao Yaoyao fell in love with Nie Suijing, but she didnt expect that Nie Suijing would confess to Chen Weier later.

Cao Yaoyao hated her because of it.

It wasnt until she married Nie Suijing that she knew his true colors.

Nie Suijing had relied on Cao Yaoyao to take advantage of her family.

With the help of that old man, Cao Yaoyao became a popular dancer in less than a year.

The next second, Chen Weier saw Cao Yaoyao walking toward her.

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