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Chen Weier had been staying at home since graduation.

She didnt know anything about the workplace.

She didnt expect that she would need an appointment to see her husband.

She had wanted to give He Xun a surprise, but it seemed like she couldnt.

She called He Xun, but the phone call didnt go through!

The corner of Chen Weiers mouth twitched.

How could He Xun turn off his phone every time she called So, He Xun had blocked her “Then, can I look for Assistant Yang Zui” She sighed helplessly.

“Excuse me, do you have an appointment with Assistant Yang” The receptionist was still smiling.

Chen Weier scratched her head in frustration.”Do I need to make an appointment to look for Yang Zui Then, can you give him a call”

Chen Weier didnt know that Yang Zui was a special assistant who was in charge of all of He Xuns itinerary.

He was also a senior assistant, so naturally, she couldnt meet him casually.

The receptionist smiled and nodded, then called the presidents secretary.

“Hello, Secretary Xia.

Theres a lady with the surname Chen downstairs looking for Assistant Yang.

Is it convenient for Assistant Yang to answer the phone”

“Assistant Yang and President He are on a business trip.

Didnt the front desk receive the news” Secretary Xia was puzzled.

The front desk was embarrassed, but she wasnt! “Okay, thank you, Secretary Xia.”

“Im sorry, Miss.

Assistant Yang is not available to answer the phone.” The receptionist smiled at Chen Weier.

The schedule of the boss, of course, couldnt be casually revealed; not to mention that the person in front of them wanted to leech off the CEO.

Every year, they had to block countless people like this, so naturally, they couldnt let anyone in.

Chen Weier left dejectedly.

For a moment, she didnt know where to go.

She looked at the watch on her wrist and suddenly remembered that her mother was still alive.

Thats right, everything had to start over again.

Chen Anhe was still alive and well! Chen Weier patted her head in frustration.

It had been a while since she was reborn, but she had practically forgotten about this matter.

She took a taxi directly to the Chen Dance Studio.

Chen Dance Studio was Chen Anhes own company.

It was not small and had its work building.

Although it was not like the He Groups single building, it was twelve stories high.

Chen Anhe was also a dancer, so she had an elegant temperament.

Of course, the premise was that she didnt speak.

This time, Chen Weier knew that she had to make an appointment first.

After getting off the car, she called Chen Anhe.

As a result, Chen Weier almost went deaf the moment she picked up the phone.

Her mothers lioness roar was heard on the phone, “You surprisingly know how to call me Ah Chen Weier, do you still remember that you have a mother What are you thinking Could it be that bastard If you dare to say it, Ill pinch you to death right now! Why are you looking for me”


After her anger subsided, Chen Weier carefully replied, “Mother, are you in the office”

“Bull**! Where am I if not in the office Dont I need to earn money” Chen Anhe coldly snorted.

Chen Weier giggled.

“Its fine if youre at the office.

Im downstairs.

Tell the front desk not to stop me.”

Chen Anhe was even angrier, “You still have the face to mention it” This company will be yours sooner or later, but youve never been here before.

Even the front desk doesnt recognize you!”

“Im here now!” Chen Weier said awkwardly.

Finally, Chen Weier successfully entered the Chen Dance Studio.

When she saw her mother, she couldnt help but say, “Mom, this place is so short.

I think the He Group has 88 floors.”

Chen Anhe glared at her.

“The He Group has a smart person to inherit and manage it.

As for my companys heir, shes just a brainless idiot.

I built it so high.

Am I waiting to go bankrupt” I truly dont understand how a career-minded person like me could give birth to a person with a delirious brain like you!”

“Quickly take a rest and stop scolding me.

Who knows why you gave birth to me in the first place” Chen Weier hugged Chen Anhes arm and acted coquettishly, causing Chen Anhe to roll her eyes.

“Hows your relationship with He Xun You didnt make him angry, right”

Chen Weier was helpless, but she had to admit that he was probably angry.

However, she didnt know why.

Suddenly, she thought of something.

“By the way, Mom, what did He Xun say to you when I got married to him Did you agree to our marriage”

Chen Anhe avoided her eyes.

“He said that he would give me a lot of money.

When I heard that, the money he gave me completely exceeded the value of my stupid daughter.

What am I hesitating for What if he regrets it Hurry up and agree to it.

After all, there arent many people as stupid as him.”

“Mom, do you think Im so easy to fool” Chen Weier looked at her suspiciously.

“So, what do you want from me” Chen Anhe stiffly changed the topic, and Chen Weier was indeed changed.

“Im so bored every day.

I dont know what to do.

“Come and start a career with mom!” Chen Anhes eyes lit up.

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