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However, He Xun didnt know what she was thinking.

He approached her step by step until she was pressed against the wall.

He was so angry at Chen Weier that he laughed.

He bent over and whispered into her ear, “Who told you that I have sexual dysfunction”

As he spoke, his hot breath blew on her ear, giving Chen Weier goosebumps.

“I… I…”

He Xun tore her unfinished words apart and went straight in, sucking Chen Weiers soul out of her body.

She softened into a pool of water and fell into his arms.

After kissing for a long time, He Xun finally let go of her.

However, their lips were tightly pressed together, and his voice was hoarse.

“You have to see for yourself if I have any obstacles! We cant jump to conclusions!”

Chen Weier felt something poking at her waist.

She couldnt stand still anymore.

“I was wrong! Next time, I wont jump to conclusions.

You have no problem with that!”

“Then why did you do all this Hmm” He Xuns voice was hoarse.

Chen Weier wanted to cry but had no tears.

“Didnt you write it in your diary Its a mans last face.

And youve never touched me, and weve never slept together, so I thought…”

He Xun sneered, “Chen Weier, have you forgotten what you said on our wedding night” Do you want me to repeat it”

Chen Weier lowered her eyes.

Of course, she remembered what she had said.

However, at that time, she didnt know that she would die a tragic death.

She also didnt know that the heavens had taken pity on her and that she had a chance to start over again!

Seeing that she was silent, He Xun thought that Chen Weier had truly forgotten.

He leaned over her ear and repeated what she had said back then… “Mr.

He, I didnt want to marry you.

I hope you can keep your distance from me! I hope you wont force me.

If possible, I hope you can treat me as a stranger.

I wont interfere with whatever you want to do outside!”

With every sentence, He Xuns heart grew colder.

He thought that he might have been overthinking this time.

Chen Weier listened to him retelling her the words he said back then.

She apologized in a low voice, “Im sorry.” She didnt know what else to say except to apologize.

He Xuns eyes were bloodshot.

He lifted Chen Weiers chin and looked down at her.

“What else did you learn from my diary”

Chen Weier lowered her head and didnt dare to speak.

After a long time, she slowly said, “Dont worry, I truly dont know who that woman is, and I wont cause her any trouble.”

“What woman are you talking about” He Xuns expression changed.

Chen Weier panicked.

She didnt understand He Xuns words.

“You mentioned it in your diary.

Who else could it be”

“You dont know who she is” He Xun sneered.

“How would I know” Chen Weier shook her head.

Her eyes was sincere.

He Xuns heart turned completely cold.

He let go of Chen Weier, took a few steps back, and sneered.

“I was too delusional.”

What did that mean Chen Weier was completely puzzled.

Before she could say anything, she saw He Xun striding upstairs.

While she was still in a deadlock, she saw He Xun rushing down with a bag and saying, “Im taking the diary away.

I wont be coming back for a while, so you can go wherever you want.


Then, there was the sound of the door slamming, leaving Chen Weier stunned on the spot.

As for He Xun, he was sitting in the car, his heart aching.

There was nothing crueler than this in this world.

He was so happy that he thought that Chen Weier knew about his feelings, but in the end, she didnt know anything! He finally had enough.

He would never let Chen Weier trample on his heart again!


At this time, Chen Weier was still confused.

She couldnt figure out why He Xun had turned against her.

Until the next day, Chen Weier was still listless.

He Xun had dealt her a huge blow.

Now that He Xun had lifted her ban and allowed her to come and go freely, Chen Weier didnt know where to go.

She had a few friends at university, but they didnt like Nie Suijing.

After she got together with Nie Suijing, their relationship had drifted apart.

Now, she couldnt even find a friend to go out and shop with.

When Chen Weier thought of this, she couldnt help but want to cry.

She knew that He Xuns body was fine, but there was someone he loved in his heart.

Did he go to find that woman last night She could only rely on He Xun in this life.

She couldnt lose him again.

Thinking of this, Chen Weier suddenly felt full of danger!

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