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 couldnt control herself.

There were more than a dozen shopping bags, and she had swiped nearly three million yuan! They were all clothes for He Xun! She couldnt help but feel a little distressed.

For a person who had been poor for a few years to suddenly buy things like this, it was a little vengeful spending.


After handing the clothes to the bodyguard, Chen Weier and Bi Xinduo continued shopping.

Suddenly, Chen Weier stopped in her tracks.

She saw a pair of wristwatches.

It was a mans watch, black and gold with a metal chain.

It was the same model that she had given He Xun.

The price was 6.66 million! Chen Weier didnt have enough money on her card.

She couldnt afford it, but she had an idea in her heart to buy that watch for women!

In the Presidents Office of the He Group…

‘Ding! Ding!

He Xun picked up his phone and saw a text message.

[Your bank card ending with 0324 has paid 6,660,000 yuan.]

He Xun raised his eyebrows.

6.66 million This was the first time Chen Weier swiped his card, and she swiped such a smooth number

The marketing director looked at President He and smiled.

He was not sure if he should take out the contract in his hand.

He Xun put down his phone and glanced at him coldly.

“Let me see the contract.”


When Chen Weier returned home, Aunt Song was cooking.

“Madam is back.

Sir is already home.

He is working out upstairs.”

Chen Weier was stunned for a moment.

“Hes back so early today.” In her memory, He Xun was a workaholic, and he would socialize after work.

It was only five or six oclock today, but he was already back

Aunt Song was cutting the vegetables.

“I dont know either.

Sir went to the gym the moment he came back.

The things that someone bought for you are all in the closet.”

“I know, you can continue with your work.” Chen Weier took the last thing she bought and went back to her room.

Thinking that He Xun was working out in the gym, he must look very sexy in a tight sports suit.

It would be a pity if she didnt take this opportunity to admire him.

Chen Weier didnt even need to convince herself as she ran straight up to the third floor.

On the third floor was a home-use gym, with a yoga room, a swimming pool, and all kinds of fitness equipment.

It was only separated by a glass door.

As soon as Chen Weier entered, she saw He Xun doing curl-ups.

She saw that the man was only wearing a pair of sports pants.

When he curled his abdomen, his core muscles exerted force, and his strong muscles were naturally visible.

Chen Weier subconsciously licked her lips.

Such a good body, but she could only look at it and not use it.

What a pity…

However, Chen Weier thought about it again.

He Xun worked out every day, so there shouldnt be any problems with his body.

Her previous conclusion was too hasty.

Whether there was a problem or not, she still had to give it a try!

After He Xun rolled his abdomen again, he suddenly sensed that someone was there.

He looked up and saw Chen Weier staring at his abdominal muscles.

He grabbed the towel beside him and draped it over his shoulders, then strode towards her.

“Whats the matter” His tone was still cold.

Chen Weier came back to her senses and smiled awkwardly, “I… I bought you some clothes.

Do you want to try them on”

After hearing this, He Xun stopped wiping his sweat and asked seriously, “You bought them for me”

“Um… I saw a few nice shirts while I was shopping.

Try them on.” As she spoke, Chen Weier reached out and grabbed He Xuns arm.

“Oh-oh!” Wasnt this feeling too good

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