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After lunch, He Xuns stylist came to visit.

Her waist-length hair was cut.

She looked at the short-haired girl in the mirror and couldnt help but smile.

She was young, and her short hair made her look even more youthful.

Although she didnt want to give up her long hair, she also felt that she had welcomed a real new life.

He Xun looked at the short-haired Chen Weier with mixed feelings.

He wasnt sure what Chen Weier was thinking, and he didnt know if her words could be believed.

Could her feelings for Nie Suijing for so many years truly vanish like smoke in thin air He didnt believe this.

After sending off the stylist, Chen Weiers mood had been very satisfied.

All the suppressed emotions from before seemed to have left with her long hair.

At this time, the phone at home suddenly rang.

“This is the He family.

Who are you looking for” Chen Weier quickly answered.

“Is it Sister-in-law Im your second sister-in-law, are you free this afternoon Lets have afternoon tea together.

I want to thank you for helping me yesterday.

Bi Xinduo was still as gentle as usual on the other end of the phone.

However, Chen Weier looked at He Xun, who was sitting on the sofa and felt a little awkward for a moment.

Would He Xun let her go out

After Chen Weier took the phone, He Xun saw her embarrassed expression and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Its Second Sister-in-law.

She wants to ask me out for afternoon tea.” Chen Weier bit her lip.

She knew that He Xun wouldnt let her go out, but how was she going to answer Bi XinduoI cant just say that my husband is afraid that Ill elope with someone, so he wont let me go out, right

He Xun pondered for a moment and took the phone from Chen Weiers hand.

“Second Sister-in-law”

“He Xun…” Bi Xinduo had heard about Chen Weier before, but she had come into contact with Chen Weier yesterday and felt that Chen Weier was not that kind of person.

He Xun turned his head to look at Chen Weier.

There was still anticipation in her eyes, but there was also fear.

Had he made her afraid

“Okay, Ill get someone to drive for you.” He Xun said to the other end of the phone.

After hanging up the phone, He Xun met Chen Weiers surprised gaze.

Chen Weier couldnt believe what she had just heard, “You Youre truly letting me out”

He Xun approached her, lifted Chen Weiers chin, and said condescendingly, “Dont cause any more trouble, because Im not sure what Im going to do.”

Chen Weier was frightened by He Xuns fierce eyes and wanted to retreat, but He Xun held her chin and couldnt move.

She looked at He Xun and slowly reached out her hand, carefully wrapping it around his neck.

“Im just going out for a drink with my second sister-in-law.

I really wont leave again.”

He Xuns breathing became a little rushed, and there were some emotions in his eyes that Chen Weier couldnt understand.

After a moment, she released her hand.

“Pack up, the driver will be here soon.”

Chen Weier nodded and quickly went to get her bag.

She couldnt help but pat her chest.

He Xun was practically a little scary just now.

She tidied up and calmed down for a while before going downstairs again.

“Ill send two bodyguards to follow you.” He Xuns tone sounded like he was negotiating.

However, Chen Weier was very clear that this was not a discussion, but a notice.

She could only nod obediently.

Chen Weier got into He Xuns car first, and the chauffeur sent them to the He Group.

There was already a car prepared by He Xun.

At this time, Bi Xinduo also waved at her.

Chen Weier was about to go over when suddenly, a strong force grabbed her wrist.

Chen Weier turned around and looked at He Xun.

He seemed to have something to say.

In the end, He Xun lowered his eyes and handed her a card.

“You can go shopping again.

Buy whatever you want.

Theres no limit on this card, so I wont let the brand come over.

You dont have to rush back.

But dont be too late.”

Chen Weier took the card, and He Xun also indicated that she could leave.

However, the next second, Chen Weier tightly hugged his waist and lay in his arms like a kitten.

“Dont worry, I wont leave again.

I said I wont leave you, so I wont leave you again.”

He Xuns Adams apple rolled, and he squeezed out a sentence from his throat, “Alright.”

Only then did Chen Weier let go of him and met up with Bi Xinduo.

Bi Xinduo looked at the scene just now and couldnt help but tease, “Youve been married for two years, but youre still so attached.”

“Second Sister-in-law,” Chen Weier blushed a little.

Bi Xinduo smiled.

“Then, I wont talk about it anymore.

By the way, my student recommended me a coffee shop.

The food is good, but the price is a little low.

I dont know if you want to try it”

“Alright.” Chen Weier had also lived a hard life for several years, so she was naturally fine with the offer.

However, when the two of them went over, the bodyguards were still guarding Chen Weier.

It made her a little embarrassed.

She wanted to explain to Bi Xinduo, but Bi Xinduo only shook her head and said nothing.

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