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182 All Children Have Rights

Chen Weier firmly shook her head.

“Im not giving you these things for you to use.

I hope that you will feel safe.

I will do my best to give you a sense of security!” As she spoke, she pushed the things back.

“Keep them well.”

“Then, what if you need money” He Xun knew that this was already all of Chen Weiers assets.

What would happen to Chen Weier if he accepted them and she needed the money

However, Chen Weier tilted her head and thought for a while.

“I dont need money.

You see, I have a driver when I travel and you when I eat.

I dont really like luxury goods.

Whats more, those brands will send me new products every month.”

Chen Weier didnt need money in her life.

She hadnt felt the feeling of spending money for a long time.

He Xun was helpless.

He could only take Chen Weiers cell phone and bind it to his secondary card.

“Use my supplementary card to pay.

Ill receive a notice of deduction.”

“Thats fine too,” Chen Weier felt it didnt matter.

Even if he tied her, she wouldnt have the opportunity to spend money.

He Xun would be responsible for her clothes, food, accommodation, and transportation.

After they finished talking about this, Chen Weier asked, “Then lets talk about Nie Suijing.

Do you think he could avoid the He Groups technical department because he had someone to guide him Who else do you think understands the core of the technical department other than the people around you”

“My dad and my brothers.”

On the surface, the He Groups technical department dealt with technical maintenance problems.

But in fact, it was a small hacker organization.

Moreover, several companies had been trying to break through the He Groups firewall day and night, but they had failed.

It was all thanks to the technical department.

“Your brothers definitely wont be in contact with Nie Suijing.

As for your father…he probably wont either.

That doesnt make sense.

Thats why I think your men are the most suspicious.” Chen Weier couldnt figure it out.

She scratched her head.

From the looks of it, it was a little troublesome.

After all, there were so many people in the He Group.

It was arduous to find a suspect in a short time.

However, He Xun didnt agree with Chen Weiers thoughts.

“Those who have access to the core technology are all my confidants.

They cant betray me.”

“So, Im still the most suspicious person now.” Chen Weier and He Xun stared at each other.

And she started to doubt herself.

He Xun looked at Chen Weier with a faint look in his eyes.

His meaning is obvious,You know about it

Chen Weier doubted her life.

She especially regretted asking those questions.

But now, she could not clear her name.

However, who was Chen Weier

Was she someone who would give in so easily

Of course not!

Since the people in the technical department had no reason to help Nie Suijing, He Xun had to find the problem through his network.

Chen Weier excitedly took out a piece of paper.

She started the character relationship map.

He Xun accompanied her as she lay on the desk.

When he saw her serious expression, his heart almost melted.

“Eldest Brothers relationship network, hehe,” Chen Weier said as she drew.

After she finished writing He Zuis name, she paused.

Besides the He family, He Zui didnt have any close friends.

His relationships with people were simple and intelligible.

“There was no need to consider my very cautious eldest brother.

He wouldnt share anything with others.” He Xun also took a pen out and crossed He Zuis name.

“Youre right,” Chen Weier was very obedient.

She next wroteSecond Brother He Song under He Zui.

Behind He Song were her second sister-in-law, Bi Xinduo, and her little niece, He Youyou.

“Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law seem innocent.

They know their limits.

I think we can rule them out,” He Xun said.

Chen Weier agreed with He Xun.

After all, He Song looked harmless, and he was truly clear-headed.

Moreover, they had no interaction with Nie Suijing.

“Then I suspect…” Chen Weier deliberately dragged out her voice and pointed her finger.

He Xun looked in the direction she pointed and felt a little helpless.

“Stop playing…” He didnt how to respond to his wife.

“Hehe!” Chen Weier pointed at He Youyous name and said, “Shes just a kid.

She likes sweet things.

Maybe its because of a few pieces of candy!”

He Xun smiled helplessly.

Chen Weiers naughtiness cured the frustration he felt for the past few days.

He said with a doting expression, “Although Youyou is a child, she has her principles.

Besides, she doesnt like to eat candy.”

Chen Weier touched her nose in embarrassment.

Alright, even a child had more principles than her now.

She couldnt help but think of her behavior of hiding sugar in the studio and felt even more guilty.

“Then theres only dad left now.

His network of connections is a little complicated…”

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