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174 Physical Examination

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After the elevator door opened, Chen Weier once again strutted on her way out.

She stepped out as though she didnt recognize anyone.

He Xun reached out to pull her, causing Chen Weier to turn around in dissatisfaction.

“What are you doing”

“Wrong direction.” He Xuns tone was faint.

Chen Weiers false bravado was broken again.

She was dejected as He Xun pulled her arm and led her in the right direction.

As expected, one should not be full of themselves.

After entering the consultation room, the doctor asked some routine questions as usual.

Chen Weier was completely capable of dealing with some ordinary problems.

However, when the doctor asked about their coupling, Chen Weier was defeated.

Her face was red as she stammered in embarrassment.

It was He Xun who explained the situation to the doctor without blushing.

Chen Weier felt speechless.

Where did her husbands face go Did he know how to be shy at all He could even clearly state how many times a night they did it!

Now, she wanted to dig into the ground and crawl in by herself.

After the doctor finished asking, he gave them a list and asked them to take a blood test to check the quality of their hormones, sperm, and eggs.

When she was drawing blood, Chen Weier looked at the long needle, and her heart trembled.

She looked at He Xun with tears in her eyes, pouted, and began to act coquettishly.

“Husband, Im so scared…”

“Dont worry,” Without waiting for He Xuns reply, the nurse smiled and fastened Chen Weiers tourniquet.

“It will be over in a second.

It wont hurt.”

“Really” Chen Weier couldnt believe it.

The nurse smiled gently.

“Dont worry, Madam He.

Why would I lie to you” She continued, “You are now the role model for all the women in our society.

It is just a trivial blood drawing, how can you be afraid”

Chen Weier said, “You…your words make sense.”

She couldnt refute it.

Thereafter, she pulled her arm out righteously and said, “Alright, you do it.”

“Alright,” the nurse said as she began to apply disinfectant to the back of Chen Weiers hand.

The cold touch made her shiver.

Before Chen Weier could react, a warm hand covered her eyes.


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