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171 Such a Handsome Man is My Husband

Yang Zui left the room silently.

President He really couldnt be blamed for being suspicious.

After all, it was really hard not to be doubtful given what his wife had done before.

He Xun looked at his wifes photo on the table.

He was certain he loved her, and it was unquestionable that she was becoming more and more like the one he saw in his dreams.

But after what happened with Nie Suijing, he really didnt dare to take the risk.

His wife was his heart.

Should he lose the bet, his heart would perish.

It was tantamount to death.

He Xun held his breath and felt vexed.

He didnt realize what he had done at all when a sweet voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Husband, youre not busy anymore”

This voice pulled He Xuns consciousness back.

Only then did he realize that he had unconsciously called Chen Weier.

“Yes, I have just finished my work.” He Xu swallowed as his voice turned low and hoarse.

Chen Weier looked at the time on the computer and was a little surprised.

“Its only nine oclock.

Why are you so early today”

She recalled that He Xun had been so busy that he had slept in the office for the past few days.

She had wanted to accompany him, but he had rejected her.

She thought that he would be busy for a while, but she didnt expect him to finish so quickly.

“Im not too busy today.” In fact, there were many talents in the company.

No matter how busy he was, he could still spare some time.

Keeping himself busy was of his own accord.

It was the only means to prevent himself from overthinking.

Just now, he had only been idle for a short while, but he had unconsciously called his wife.

“Its good that youre not busy.

You were so busy the past few days that I didnt dare to disturb you.” Chen Weiers voice was coquettish and accusatory, but she quickly coaxed him, “Husband, do you have time later Lets go for a physical examination!”

Chen Weier thought that this matter had already been delayed for several days, and she really didnt want to postpone it any longer.

She really wanted to have a child with He Xun.

This way, she could have a complete family.

“Alright.” He Xun lowered his eyes.

In the afternoon, He Xun got off work early and picked up Chen Weier to visit the hospital for a physical examination.

After Chen Weier went downstairs, she saw He Xuns car and quickly jogged over.

He Xun looked at her cheerful expression through the car window and suddenly felt a burst of sourness in his heart.

Would this energetic girl run to him as she did today Would she still belong to him in the future

He Xun clenched his fists tightly.

No matter what, he would never let go.

Regardless of the method, he had to tie Chen Weier to his side.

Chen Weier didnt know what He Xun was thinking.

She opened the car door, sat in, hugged He Xun, and gave him a kiss.

“Husband, thats great.

Youre finally done.

Ive missed you so much.”

Chen Weier hugged He Xuns neck and acted sweetly.

Her eyes seemed to be shining, and her mouth was pouting.

It was an expression of her dissatisfaction from being ignored a few days ago.

Looking at Chen Weiers delicate face, He Xuns heart was also covered by a warm wave of heat.

He quietly held her in his arms.

“Husband.” Chen Weier also snuggled into his body.

It had been a long time since the two of them had such an intimate embrace.

She looked at He Xuns bloodshot eyes, smelled the faint smell of tobacco on him, and touched the stubble on his chin.

In the past, He Xun had never been like this.

No matter where he was, he always maintained a good image.

There was no smell of tobacco, and his chin was also clean-shaven.

Chen Weier suddenly felt a lump in her throat.

She didnt know what He Xun had encountered.

He was unwilling to tell her anything.

At the end of the day, it was probably because she wasnt outstanding enough to help him.

The only thing she could do was give him a hug when he was tired.

“Lets go to the hospital.” He Xun released her and started the car.

When they went out, they rarely drove by themselves.

They both had a driver.

If the two of them wanted to have a private conversation, they could just lower the partition.

However, the atmosphere with the partition and the two of them being alone was different.

Chen Weier found it novel and couldnt help but smile at He Xun.

Her husband was really handsome!

Such a handsome husband was actually hers…

He Xun looked a little dispirited, but he had a different kind of aura.

When he drove, his back was straight, and his fingers were loosely on the square disk.

His movements were quick and clean.

Chen Weiers eyes were almost dazzled.

Her gaze focused on He Xuns fingers, and she licked the corner of her lips.

She realized that he didnt even have a single bit of fat on his fingers.

He Xun lowered his head and looked at her hand.

It was also white and tender, but there was still some fat when he pinched it.

Chen Weier couldnt help but wonder if she had gained weight recently.

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