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170 I Want You to be a Dog

“What are you doing!” Nie Suijing was terrified.

He was afraid that these people would inject him with something nefarious!

“Im helping you to heal your body.

You have broken ribs, dislocated arms, and fractured legs.

There is a risk of a ruptured spleen.

However, Im a kind person.

I wont just leave you alone without finding a doctor.” Luo Xinruis smile was as beautiful as a flower, but Nie Suijing thought she was the devil.

He struggled with all his might.

“Let me go… I dont want to die…”

Luo Xinrui grinned, “Dont worry.

They can definitely cure you.

However, I still despise you for yelling at me a few days ago.

Youre just a piece of trash.

How are you worthy of me Thats why the doctor wont use any anesthetics while treating you today.”

‘You b*tch! Nie Suijing glared at Luo Xinrui.

His heart was trembling.

He would rather die than be tortured like this!

However, the next second, the doctors began to work.

They rammed his dislocated arm.

With a crack, they used the scalpel to cut the skin again.


A shrill scream resounded through the entire house.

Luo Xinrui sat on the side with her eyes closed, as if she was enjoying the elegant piano music.

She was savoring it while drinking flower tea.

“Miss Luo, the patient has fainted again,” one of the doctors said.

Luo Xinrui didnt care at all.

“Lets give him a shot of stimulant to keep him awake.

If he cant even stand this little pain, how can he earn my money”


These doctors were all privately raised by Luo Xinrui.

They were the ones who had developed the fragrance to seduce He Xun at the He familys residence.

These people were all nurtured by Luo Xinrui, so they naturally only listened to her.

As soon as Luo Xinrui finished speaking, someone took a needle and inserted it.


Nie Suijings brain was stimulated.

There was no part of his body that didnt hurt.

He really wanted to die.

“Just kill me…” He really couldnt take it anymore.

No one could complete the operation while they were conscious.

It was like dismembering the flesh by a thousand cuts.

“Kill you What I want is an obedient dog! As long as youre obedient enough, Ill reward you with some dog treats.

As Chen Weiers ex-boyfriend, youre still very useful.” Luo Xinrui didnt even look at him.

She didnt care at all.

Nie Suijing glared at her and said weakly, “Alright.”

He had been completely subdued and knew that he couldnt afford to offend Luo Xinrui.

Besides, she was a bully, so he would naturally do whatever Luo Xinrui said.


Previously, He Xun had promised to visit the hospital with Chen Weier for a physical examination, but because He Xun had become busy, the relationship between the two, which had finally eased, had become cold again.

He Xun looked at the news on his phone and knew what Chen Weier had done.

He was proud of Chen Weier, but he also felt sad.

He didnt dare to guess what kind of feelings Chen Weier had for him, for fear that she would be hurt again.

A sound interrupted his thoughts.

There was a knock on the office door.

He Xun put down his phone and said coldly, “Enter.”

The person who came was Yang Zui.

He placed a document on He Xuns desk and reported the days findings as usual.

“We re-checked the surveillance footage from the day Nie Suijing disappeared.

Theres no evidence of him leaving, but on that day, people relocated and moved out a lot of large boxes.

Its not infeasible to say that he was hidden in them.”

Yang Zuis hair had almost turned white from worry for the past few days.

He and the people from the technical department looked at it over and over again and finally found some clues, but they were not certain.

“Have you confirmed the identity of the people who moved Did they suddenly have more money in their account” He Xun asked.

As He Xuns assistant, Yang Zui naturally understood these problems.

Before he arrived, he had also checked everything.

“President He, the family who moved has been living in that community for 10 years.

This move involved a job change.

“We have also investigated the transfer order.

It was issued before Nie Suijing was caught.

“We have also seen the new house that the owner has moved to.

Nie Suijing is not in it.

There is also no problem with the family members account.”

However, it was precisely because everything was perfectly flawless that Yang Zui felt that something was amiss.

It was too much of a coincidence.

He Xun also had the same idea.

“It might be a cash transaction, or he might have pretended to be a mover that day.”

He Xun knocked on the table and said, “Go and check on this familys recent spending.

Compared to before, there are no big fluctuations.

And the number of boxes, compare them carefully to see if theres any difference.

Then, lock onto the moving company and see where they went after that.”

“Yes.” Yang Zui nodded.

He Xun thought for a moment before asking, “By the way, have you been checking my wifes communication records”

“Ive been investigating it.

Theres no problem at all,” Yang Zui replied.

“You may leave.” He Xun lowered his eyes.

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