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Chapter 169: Make a Good Choice

Chen Weier thought about many things and pondered over her past life.

Why did she have such a terrible life The past and current her were clearly the same person.

In her previous life, she was poor and dejected.

This time, she had become the idol of countless girls and could use her own ability to protect others.

Chen Weier took a deep breath and posted again.

[Hello, everyone.

Im just casually chatting with everyone.

There are many attractive people in the art university where I studied.

When I was studying, many wealthy people would drive luxury cars to the girls dormitory to pick them up, and then, the girls would follow them and stay out all night.

Many of these wealthy people already had families, but for the sake of money, some beautiful girls would still climb into their beds.]

[As far as I know, those who take the initiative to accept the unspoken rules dont have a good end.

Lets consider Cao Yaoyao, who everyone was familiar with.

I was her roommate at the university.

To be honest, she is very professional.

We were friends back then too, but it wasnt the only time that she started to pursue material things, even to the point of selling herself to buy luxury goods.]

[Cao Yaoyao had been Miao Bings lover since she was a first-year student.

She also relied on Miao Bing to shine for a period of time, but what was the result A persons selfish desires were endless.

She had been blinded by jealousy and wanted more and more.]

[In the end, she fell into the abyss.

Now, she was still in the police station for assault.

Im telling you this because I want to tell those beautiful girls not to sell their dignity for money, and even more so not to destroy other peoples families.]

[Your choice will eventually harm you.]

Chen Weier hoped that everyone could stay clear-headed.

In this world, there were indeed girls who had been persecuted, but there were also girls who took the initiative to sell themselves.

The former required help and warmth, while the latter required criticism and guidance.

Chen Weier was very clear about this point.

Not all girls were weak.

There were also young girls who interfered with other peoples families and relationships.

It was not too much to scold such girls.

Just like Cao Yaoyao.

With her own abilities, it was not like she had no future.

But she just wanted to take a shortcut.

She knew that Miao Bing had a wife and children, but she still climbed into his bed for money and power.

There was also Luo Xinrui.

She clearly knew that He Xun was already married and had clearly expressed that he didnt like her, but Luo Xinrui still tried to seduce him.

These people really had low morals.

Thinking about what Cao Yaoyao had done, Chen Weier felt disgusted.

This kind of person really shouldnt be jumping around on television.

The influence was too bad.

This time, Chen Weiers comments were completely different from the last time she criticized Cao Yaoyao.

Last time, Cao Yaoyaos fans were still quibbling.

After everything that happened, everyone had seen the truth, so they naturally wouldnt be stupid.

Chen Weiers lips curled up as a surge of enthusiasm welled up in her heart.

This passion told her that what she was doing now was right.

She put down her phone and looked outside.

There were people coming and going.

These little girls were all here to seek legal advice.

This scene filled her heart with satisfaction.

She felt fulfilled and happy in the process of helping others.

It was such a wonderful thing.


Nie Suijing hadnt eaten for 3 days in the small villa.

Ever since he was beaten up by Luo Xinruis bodyguards, he had not seen anyone.

For the past 3 days, he could only lie on the sofa and rely on the water from the kettle to survive.

For a moment, he felt like he was going to die.

No one spoke to him.

The pain from all over his body and the rumbling stomach made him wish he was dead.

However, his survival instinct reminded him that he had not earned any money yet, so he could not die.

He thought that he would be able to call for help when he was almost fully recovered.

As he was thinking, he suddenly heard the door open.

“How is it Have you reflected clearly” Luo Xinrui walked over elegantly in her high heels.

Nie Suijing gritted his teeth weakly and said in a hoarse voice, “What are you doing here Are you checking if Im dead or not”

“Get this straight, this is my home.

I dont need to tell you whether Im coming or not.” Luo Xinrui sat arrogantly on the other side of the sofa.

She took off her sunglasses and sneered, “Fortunately, I put a layer of plastic on the sofa in advance.

Otherwise, it would be an insult to my sofa if it got stained with your blood.”

Nie Suijing glared at Luo Xinrui.

“You evil woman! Dont forget, youre the one who asked for my cooperation.”

“Its true that I want to cooperate with you, so you have to listen to me.

Who the hell do you think you are to dare to shout at me Ill give you 3 days to wake up, then get up and work for me.

You can die if you want, but get what I want to be done and die where you deserve to die!” Luo Xinrui didnt even discuss it with Nie Suijing.

She clapped her hands, and a group of doctors in white coats came forward and pressed Nie Suijing down on the sofa.

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