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Chapter 164: HarmoniousLove

After more than 50 minutes, the passion in the room finally waned.

He Xun carried Chen Weier into the lounge to take a shower.

Drenched in sweat, he was extremely delighted.

After the exercise, He Xun seemed to be in a much better mood, and his face wasnt as livid as before.

Chen Weier carefully observed his expression and found that he had finally calmed down.

She also let out a sigh of relief.

No wonder there was a saying that a husband and wife could make up after they quarreled in bed.

Sure enough, there was nothing that a harmonious love couldnt solve between husband and wife.

If they really couldnt solve it, then extending it to two rounds might.

Chen Weier gave herself athumbs-up in her heart, but then she saw He Xun staring at her.

She laughed in embarrassment and quickly clung to her husband.

“Husband, you were so amazing just now!” Thats right, it wouldnt hurt to praise men appropriately.

No doubt, He Xun was indeed very powerful!

He Xuns face turned red at her words.

Because of his inner frustration, he ended up going overboard.

“Let me see if its swollen…” As He Xun spoke, he lowered his head to check.

Chen Weier used her hands to cover it shyly.

“Its alright.

I dont feel anything.

Dont look at it…”

She was reluctant to do so because it was too embarrassing.

“Let me see.” He Xun didnt listen to her.

He had to check her with his own eyes to be assured that she was really not injured.

Without any other choice, Chen Weier could only force herself to take her hand away and let him see.

Seeing the red and swollen patch, He Xun felt guilty.

He held Chen Weier in his arms and comforted her.

“Im sorry, I didnt control my strength just now, my dearest.”

“Its alright… I felt very comfortable just now…” Chen Weier took the initiative to express her feelings.

For her, it was not easy.

However, in order to please He Xun, she could only put her embarrassment aside.

Anyway, they were a married couple.

There was nothing that could not be said.

“Ill get someone to buy you some medicine.” It was so swollen that it was impossible not to apply medicine.

He Xun didnt know if his wife could still walk normally these few days.

However, a thought suddenly emerged in He Xuns mind.

Why not keep his wife by his side every day If Nie Suijings disappearance was related to Chen Weier, they would definitely contact each other again at some point.

In this way, Chen Weier could be placed under his eyes and monitored.

Of course, if he was wrong, he could also test it out.

At the thought of this, He Xuns nervous mood was also soothed.

So, what was he afraid of As long as Chen Weier was still by his side, he would know the truth.

“Dont buy the medicine…” Chen Weier mumbled in a low voice.

If she asked someone to buy this medicine, wouldnt she be exposed

How awkward was that They could know each others affairs as a couple, but they couldnt let outsiders know about her private life.

“Were married.

Its normal for us to do this.” He Xun didnt have any psychological burden at all.

What was wrong with the two of them having marital relations in his office

As He Xun spoke, he contacted Yang Zui and asked him to buy the medicine.

When Yang Zui, who was working, saw President Hes message, a big question mark appeared above his head.

He just wanted to say,This pair didnt even hesitate! And wasnt this too astonishing Wasnt President He angry just a second ago But the next moment, the two of them rolled on the bed… And then, they wanted an inexperienced man with no girlfriend to buy an anti-inflammatory medicine! This couple really didnt treat me as an outsider…

Chen Weier and He Xun cuddled in the office for a while before returning to the studio.

It was almost 11 oclock when Chen Weier poured the water.

The moment she entered, she saw a young lady sitting in the guest room.

Attorney Xu was sitting in front of the girl while trying to comfort her.

Upon seeing Chen Weier, Attorney Xu immediately said, “Chief Chen…this is Xiaowen.

She has presented evidence now.

She skipped class to come to our…”

“Has the evidence been confirmed” Chen Weier was a little surprised.

It had only been a few days since she last gave her advice.

She didnt expect this little girl to be so straightforward.

One must know that it took a lot of courage to face such a thing again.

However, she also knew that these were difficult for girls, so she didnt plan to stay long and handed it over to Attorney Xu.

“Chief Chen,” Xiaowen suddenly stood up and called out to Chen Weier.

“Hello, what else do you need” Chen Weier smiled in a friendly manner.

Xiaowens eyes were glistening with tears.

“This lawyer said you helped me and I have to thank you.”

“Youre welcome.

Besides, we didnt help you.

It was your own courage that helped you.” Chen Weiers eyes curved as she smiled, and Xiaowens mood was also affected.

“You guys can continue then.” Chen Weier wanted to avoid it.

After all, it was better for fewer people to know about this kind of matter.

“Chief Chen…if youre not busy, can you come in” Xiaowen said.


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