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Chapter 158: Role-Play

Due to the angle, Chen Weier couldnt see He Xuns face.

She could only see his tightly furrowed brows and his upright sitting posture.

It looked as if he had encountered some difficulty.

It was said that a serious man was the most handsome.

Chen Weier didnt agree with it before.

The attractiveness of a man to her depended on his appearance.

But now, looking at He Xun, who was working seriously, Chen Weiers heart couldnt help but fly.

Sure enough, a hardworking He Xun was more handsome than usual.

Of course, this was definitely not because her eyes had a filter when it came to He Xuns image.

He Xun himself was inherently a handsome man who was gilded with gold.

The persons footsteps were light.

It certainly wasnt Yang Zui, so He Xun furrowed his brows.

‘Which department was this person from

However, before he could raise his head, he heard the person calling out in a low voice, “President He.”

He Xuns eyebrows twitched.

He was intimately familiar with this voice.

Didnt it belong to the owner of his heart But now, He Xun didnt know what kind of attitude he should use to face his wife.

He asked himself how an ordinary person would react.

He couldnt act as if nothing had happened.

Seeing that He Xun was stunned for a moment and still didnt look up at her, Chen Weier was a little puzzled.

Could it be that her husband was too focused on his work that he didnt recognize her voice He was indeed the man she had taken a fancy to.

He was work-driven.

With such thoughts, Chen Weier even gave He Xun a thumbs up in her heart.


Therefore, Chen Weier very considerately stepped forward again.

She was almost sticking to He Xuns desk.

“President He, please.” Chen Weier herself even got disgusted with her voice.

He Xun finally reacted.

He raised his head and looked at her with bright eyes.

However, his expression was natural—without the slightest surprise that Chen Weier had expected!

What was going on

Why wasnt he surprised by her sudden appearance

Chen Weier reached out to hold He Xuns chin.

“President He, you told me to come to your office to find you.

Why do you look so serious”

He Xun furrowed his brows.

‘What was she playing at

Chen Weier saw him frowning and raised her hand to smoothen his eyebrows.

“President He, we agreed on a body transaction.

Are you going to go back on your word now” After saying that, Chen Weier wiped away her nonexistent tears.

“President He, how could you lie to me!”

Upon hearing this, He Xun understood.

‘Was she planning to do a role-play

He snorted coldly and put down the pen in his hand.

“Did I lie to you Dont you have a boyfriend Didnt you love him very much Now, youre trying to tempt me” He Xun couldnt help but ask this question.

He took the opportunity to ask her what was in her heart while he went along with her.

Normally, he wouldnt even dare to ask, for fear that all of this was fake.

Ever since Chen Weier had changed, he told himself not to fuss about the past.

It was his fault for appearing late.

As long as she was willing to stay by his side, he could pretend that nothing had happened.

Even though he had always said this, this time, he became suspicious.

Yang Zui had reported that Nie Suijing had not come into contact with anyone and had gone home after leaving the police station that day.

They even checked Nie Suijings call history, but nothing stood out.

But then again, Nie Suijing disappeared just like that.

No one could find his location.

It was as if he had evaporated from the world.

The last person Nie Suijing saw before going to the police station should be Chen Weier.

In the surveillance footage, Chen Weier was indeed resisting.

But he also saw Chen Weier saying something.

This was something that the surveillance cameras could not capture.

For a moment, He Xun even suspected that everything was a play by Chen Weier and Nie Suijing.

Did they intend to use this incident to weaken his guard

Were they actually planning to elope again

Now that Nie Suijing couldnt be found, who knew if the next person to disappear like this would be Chen Weier

If that was the case, He Xun didnt dare to think about it anymore.

He was afraid that he couldnt control himself and couldnt guarantee what he would do.

When Chen Weier heard He Xuns words, she was stunned for a moment.

However, she quickly reacted.

He Xun was responding to her role-play.

She immediately laughed and said, “What boyfriend If I can sleep with President He, why would I still need a boyfriend”

Her words were very light and tempting, and He Xuns heart jumped.

“So you just want to sleep with me” He couldnt help but think of Chen Weiers previous display of goodwill.

She seemed to be very anxious to sleep with him.

She was also seducing him in every way possible, without the reservations that a girl should have.

At the thought of this, He Xun felt his heart ache.

‘Did she just want to sleep with him

‘Would she go to Nie Suijing after she had enough fun

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