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Chen Weier pursed her lips and swiped across the screen.

She didnt know what Nan Liu meant.

Soon, she saw Nan Lius response.

[Thank you for giving me the courage to face what happened back then.]

[Its just that the video incident is a wound that I cant heal.

As a result, I dont dare to be alone every time I enter the recording studio.

So, I can only support you with words.

I hope you dont mind.]

When Chen Weier saw Nan Lius message, she felt warm in her heart.

It was already very difficult for Nan Liu to defeat her inner demon.

Before talking to Chen Anhe, Chen Weier really didnt understand.

Perhaps she lacked empathy.

However, after the conversation, Chen Weier understood that this kind of hurt was really difficult for girls to overcome.

Those injured would avoid the pain they had suffered for the rest of their lives.

And now that Nan Liu could share it, even in text only, she was already worthy of Chen Weiers heartfelt admiration.

Chen Weier replied.

[Youre great.

Your future will be full of sunshine!]

At the same time, Chen Weier also realized that many artists she had just met had started to repost it to express their support.

Xuan Jianing commented.

[No wonder President He hugged you and comforted you for a long time on the day of the dance competition.

He got scared by this old beast, so he gave you a hug after!]

[I hope there will be no more harm in this world!]

[All the wretched and lowly men can go to hell!]

Dou Shuru also replied.

[I support the repost.]


Looking at this, Chen Weier suddenly felt like she had a thousand gold and horses behind her.

She couldnt help but feel a lump in her throat.

It felt so good to be able to help others.

In her previous life, she had been completely immersed in love and had missed out on the outside world.

To a woman, a man should not be her whole world.

Its worth it to love yourself and to love the warm people in the world.

Simultaneously, He Xun had also asked Yang Zui to investigate the illegal activities that Miao Bing had done in his business over the years.

Miao Bing actually went to an underground casino to launder his money and even evaded taxes for immediate benefits.

He Xuns heart burned with anger! In addition to personal interests, social benefits were also important when it came to starting a company.

This was what his big brother had taught him.

One should refrain from challenging the law and social rules for the sake of small profits.

This had been He Xuns business rule for many years.

He had always remembered these rules.

Hence, the He Group had reached its current status.

Yang Zui submitted the evidence to the proper authorities.

He knew that President He would definitely do his best to pull Miao Bing down this time.

He would never have the chance to turn things around.

This was not only because Miao Bing had touched President Hes reverse scale, but also because Miao Bing was a treacherous person.

The bad reputation of businessmen in this world was also due to these people.

As for the people who pulled out the mud from the radishes and were on the same rope as Miao Bing, they were also shaken out.

After a quick check, a bunch of them were caught.

The police also dealt with a lot of illegal business owners at once.

Chen Weier also began to consider setting up her own studio.

Because she had made this public, many girls who did not dare to make it public sent her private messages.

In this world, many girls had been bullied before, but for various reasons, they chose to keep it to themselves.

However, their forbearance became the bargaining chip for the torturers to become crueler.

After being violated time and time again, a vicious cycle was gradually formed.

Many of the girls had left evidence, but they were too weak.

Chen Weiers appeal had given them hope.

Chen Weier was also willing to help these girls out of the quagmire.

Therefore, in the past few days, Chen Weier had already sorted out many cases of violation.

It was just that Chen Weier was a little busy.

She thought for a while and decided to set up a professional team.

On this day, He Xun came home from work and saw his little wife, whom he held dear in his heart, jumping and running to him.

“Hubby, youve worked hard today!” Chen Weier helped him take off his suit and hang it in the closet.

She also attentively massaged He Xuns shoulders and legs and poured him tea.

“Wifey, whats wrong Tell me if youre feeling unwell.”

Chen Weiers abnormal behavior made He Xun a little afraid.

He hadnt done anything to make her angry recently, had he

Chen Weier blinked a few times.

“Isnt it my duty to take care of my husband”

“Pfft!” He Xun almost choked on her words.

Did his ears have problems

She had not let him sleep in the master bedroom for three days.

She held a grudge against him because he had caused a little too much trouble the last time.

Not only was he not allowed to enter the master bedroom, but once he came back, she even wanted to stay 10 meters away from him and looked at him guardedly.

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