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When Chen Anhe heard this, she hurriedly spoke a few words.

She couldnt stand her child saying such unlucky words.

Chen Anhe reached out and poked Chen Weiers head.

“If you say this kind of nonsense again, see how Ill deal with you! I carried you for months and gave birth to you.

How can I just strangle you to death Besides, as your mother, I am counting on you to earn money!”

“Alright, alright, alright, as you wish! Thats enough.” Chen Weier looked as though she was nauseated on the surface.

In the next second, however, she turned her face away to cover up her sore nose and reddened eyes.

Before her rebirth, she never made Chen Anhe proud ever since she attended university.

Apart from making her mother worry constantly, Chen Weier also became a burden.

She never helped financially and never bothered with the affairs of the company whether it was major or minor.

In the end, Chen Anhe sold her company and spent all her money on her.

She even fell ill because of her daughter and didnt have the money to treat her illness.

Her ending was an agonizing death on the hospital bed.

“I already had you when I was your age! So what are you and He Xun planning in this aspect” Chen Anhe picked up her teacup and took a few sips.

She had been on the phone for so long that her mouth was a little dry.

Seeing that her daughters and son-in-laws relationship had improved, she was also a little anxious to hold a grandson.

At the mention of this, Chen Weiers face turned red for a moment, and the sour emotions she felt just now were blown away.

Well, she just recalled those few small bags in the bin that day.

Those could have been He Xuns children and her mothers grandchildren…

“How old do you think I am I have already given birth to you.

What are you still embarrassed about” Chen Anhe looked at Chen Weiers face, which was as red as an apple, and couldnt help but poke her daughters forehead.

Chen Weier rubbed her forehead and said shyly, “We agreed to develop my career in the next 2 years.

After all, I am in the middle of a rise after finishing the dance competition.

I will probably have to wait for a while before bearing children.”

Hearing this, Chen Anhe suddenly frowned.

She pulled Chen Weiers hand and said in a serious tone, “Weier, its not that I want to rush you, but you shouldnt delay it! Youre young now, so your body can still recover quickly.

If youre already over 25 years old, your bodys condition will start to decline, and youll suffer even more! The ramifications on your body will be greater.”

“Is that so” Chen Weier hadnt done any research on this matter.

Moreover, in her previous life, she had accidentally gotten pregnant.

“Is age relevant to giving birth”

“Of course! Youre already an adult.

Why are you so clueless” Chen Anhe was exasperated.

“When youre young, your body functions are in peak condition, and recovery will not be a problem.

Even after you give birth, you can just hire a few nannies to help you with your child.

By then, there will be no hindrance in making a progress in your career.

There wont be much difference.

“Given your abilities, your skills will not fade, but your body will gradually deteriorate.

Didnt I only start my company after giving birth to you”

Chen Weier recalled that in her previous life, she was already in her 30s when she got pregnant, and the effects on her body were indeed significant.

Moreover, her current situation was completely different from her previous life.

In her previous life, she had no money and did not have the ability to raise a child.

Her emotions were also unstable from being constantly anxious.

Compared to before, the thing she didnt lack the most right now was money.

Proper prenatal care was also available to her this time.

Plus, her emotional state was infinitely better.

Sure enough, it was the perfect time to conceive a child.

“By the way, what is your method of contraception Do you take pills Or is it He Xun who wears protection” Chen Anhe put down her teacup and thought of this matter again.

She quickly asked her daughter.

“Hes the one who wore protection.” Chen Weiers face was red as she muttered.

It was so embarrassing to talk about this with her mother!

Hearing this, Chen Anhe heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.

You cant take pills randomly.

Its very harmful to a womans body.

It will also affect your future chances of getting pregnant.”

“I know,” Chen Weier was aware of this fact.

“Mom, I am actually here today because I am at a loss.

I want to discuss something with you.” Because she was interrupted by Chen Anhes words, Chen Weier finally remembered the purpose of her visit today.

“What is it” Chen Anhe raised her eyebrows and questioned.

Chen Weier took out a USB drive and inserted it into the computer.

She directly opened a video for her mother to see.

“Mom, this is Miao Bing from Starry Media.

You should have heard him, right I want to expose his true colors.

He played with too many women over the years, and many young girls who have just come of age have been deceived by him.” As Chen Weier spoke, she could not help but feel furious.

“The more I think about it, the angrier I get.

How can there be such a scumbag in this world”

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