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“Third Sister-in-law, this is my limited edition hat.”

“Theres only one dress like this in the world.”

Chen Weier listened to He Yelis long talk and lost her patience, “I know you have a lot of luxury goods.

Theyre very pretty.

Im going back to sleep.” After that, she stood up and left without waiting for He Yelis reaction.

He Yeli was about to stop her, but she looked at the time and found that it had been almost 20 minutes.

No matter what, Sister Xinrui should have succeeded by now.

If his Third Brothers physical condition was good, then this should be the most intense moment.

It would be good for Chen Weier to see it with her own eyes.

When Sister Xinrui succeeded, she promised to give her a reward of 5 million yuan.

Chen Weier returned to the guest room.

Just as she reached the door, she heard a soft cry coming from inside.

It was still a womans voice.

Chen Weiers heart skipped a beat.

She kicked open the door, but the lights in the room were not on!

She turned on the light, and the sullen room instantly lit up.

She saw Luo Xinrui sitting on the bed, naked, crying.

In the distance, she saw He Xun in a crumpled shirt.

Chen Weiers brain buzzed.

They were truly entangled in bed.

When He Xun saw Chen Weier, who had kicked the door open, his eyes were brightly flustered.

Just now, Luo Xinrui had wrapped her arms around his neck and was about to kiss him, but he subconsciously avoided her.

Then, he turned on the bedside lamp.

Although the light wasnt very bright, it allowed him to see clearly that the other party wasnt Chen Weier and that she was truly naked.

He quickly walked away and said coldly with his back facing Luo Xinrui.

“Put on your clothes and get lost immediately!”

Luo Xinrui didnt move and started crying.

Although the Luo family wasnt rich and powerful, they still had some background.

Luo Xinrui had been educated since she was young.

This was the first time she had degraded herself to dust.

She had given herself to a man, but she had been told to get lost by the person she loved!

Luo Xinruis heart ached to death.

They had known each other since they were young, but even after so many years of friendship, she still couldnt get his pity She was not convinced and still wanted to hug him, but she was scared by his aura and did not dare to move.

She did not understand.

He had manifestly smelled that fragrance, so how could he still be so cold

Without waiting for her to finish crying, Chen Weier kicked the door open and entered.

This made Luo Xinrui panic, and she quickly covered herself.

She heard Chen Weier sneer, “He Xun, did I disturb your enjoyment”

He Xun furrowed his brows and endured the heat and uneasiness in his body.

When he opened his mouth again, his voice was already very hoarse.

“I… I didnt.”

Chen Weier wasnt a fool.

When she saw that He Xuns clothes were still intact, she knew that nothing had happened between them.

However, this scene was already enough to make her angry.

She walked to the window and lifted the blanket that Luo Xinrui was trying to cover her embarrassment with.

She looked up and down and said in a mocking tone, “You dare to seduce someone with such a body You want to sleep with my husband with your short legs, without breasts and butt Dont you usually look in the mirror Are you even worthy”


Luo Xinruis entire body was curled up.

She didnt dare to resist, afraid that Chen Weier would go crazy and call everyone over.

If the matter was successful, it would be fine.

She could even say that a man and a woman were in love and couldnt control their feelings.

But now, it was obvious that nothing had been done.

If everyone knew about it, she didnt need to live anymore.

She frantically grabbed her clothes to wear.

Chen Weier was very annoyed.

Seeing that she was still sitting on her bed, she angrily reached out and pulled her to the ground.

“Ah!” Luo Xinrui was caught off guard and fell to the ground.

The pain spread all over her body.

“Still not getting lost! Are you waiting for me to get someone to carry you” Chen Weiers tone was cold.

Luo Xinrui ran away.

He Xun stood in the distance, and the heat in his body became more intense.

He swallowed his saliva and unbuttoned his shirt.

“Whats wrong with you” Only then did Chen Weier realize that there was something wrong with He Xun.

His face was flushed, and the muscles on his arms were tense.

Then, Chen Weier heard He Xun stutter.

“This… House… Something is wrong.

That fragrance…”

Chen Weier had only been angry just now.

When she heard He Xuns words, she realized that there was truly a very strong fragrance.

At this point, if she still didnt understand, her brain would have grown in vain.

She went forward and grabbed He Xun, opening the window to let him breathe in the fresh air.

At this moment, He Xun didnt know where to use his strength.

Before he could react, Chen Weier had pulled him to the window and pressed the back of his head against the window.

“Theres something wrong with this fragrance.

Take a breath of the cold air, and Ill find where it is.” After saying that, Chen Weier released his hand, but He Xun grabbed her wrist in the next second.

Previously, he was far away from her.

Although he was bewitched by the fragrance, he could still maintain his rationality.

But now, Chen Weier was standing beside him.

Her hands were touching him, and when she spoke, her warm breath sprayed behind his ear.

His rationality was completely gone.

Before Chen Weier could react, she was pressed down on the bed by He Xun.

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