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Luo Xinrui could not help but stiffen right there and then.

He Xuns sharp eyes frightened her deeply!


“Miss Luo, may I know why youre looking for Mr.

He” Luo Xinruis words were interrupted.

She turned around and met a pair of eyes filled with hostility.

“Miss Luo, cant you see that President He doesnt want to talk to you Miss Luo is also a daughter of a wealthy family, so dont do such things that are beneath your status,” Jin Yujia said as she stood next to He Xun.

He Xun frowned but didnt say anything.

“Brother Xun, are you involved in any trouble with this woman”

Luo Xinrui seemed to be in disbelief.

“Miss Luo is holding onto President He in front of so many people.

Its so embarrassing,” Jin Yujia said in a weird tone.

“Brother Xun, is this your new lover” Luo Xinrui suddenly laughed.

“Miss Luo, please fix your standards for a gentleman! I dont have that kind of relationship with President He!” He Xun was about to say something, but Jin Yujia interrupted him.

What he didnt know was that once Jin Yujias words fell into Luo Xinruis ears, it would only make things worse.

“Who are you to stop me” Luo Xinrui gritted her teeth.

“Im President Hes female companion today.

Miss Luo, please dont disturb President He.” Jin Yujia smiled.

Luo Xinrui took a deep look at He Xuns cold face and turned to leave.

Seeing her rival run away, Jin Yujia couldnt help but feel proud.

She knew that she managed to enter President Hes heart.

“Well done.

Claim your compensation from the Entertainment Department after this.” Seeing that Luo Xinrui had left, He Xuns furrowed brows relaxed a little.

His wifes competition had ended, and she would be arriving soon.

If she witnessed Luo Xinrui pestering him, she would definitely be unhappy.

“President He, Im just doing my duty.” Jin Yujia immediately suppressed her excitement.

“Dont let any other women get close to me.” After He Xun finished speaking, other companies came to talk business with him.

He turned around and walked away.

However, He Xun didnt know that his words had given Jin Yujia a lot of hope.

She didnt want other women to get close to him, except for her.

Hadnt she been the only exception then Jin Yujias heart became filled with sweetness.

At this moment, the few female artists from earlier all came over.

“Sister Yujia, youre amazing! You drove Luo Xinrui away!”

“Just now, when I saw President He talking to you, his expression was quite different!”

Looking at the envious faces of the others, Jin Yujia waved her hand and said, “Its nothing.

President He only told me to prevent other women from approaching him.”

“Did President He really say that”

“Oh my goodness, Sister Yujia, President He already made it clear.

Why do you still claim there is nothing going on between the two of you”

Jin Yujia looked at them and said, “Whats there to be excited about”

“Its us who havent seen the world.

It seems like President He often says this to Sister Yujia.


“Sister Yujia, when you become Madam He, you cant forget us, please!”

As Jin Yujia listened to these peoples flattering words, she almost believed it herself.

She felt that she would soon be able to marry He Xun.

At this time, Chen Weier arrived.

She handed the invitation to the receptionist at the door.

The other party didnt expect anyone to come in at this time, but after confirming the invitation, he still led Chen Weier into the venue.

As soon as Chen Weier entered, Luo Xinrui, who was standing at the door, saw her first.

Thinking about the ambiguous relationship between He Xun and Jin Yujia, Xinruis jealousy against Jin Yujia also vanished.

What she wanted to see the most now were Chen Weier and Jin Yujia fighting! She could just sit back and reap the benefits.

Just as Chen Weier was looking for He Xuns figure, an annoying person came to her.

“Its been a long time,” Luo Xinrui smiled gently as if she had forgotten how she was embarrassed before.

“Good dogs dont block the way!” Chen Weier didnt want to waste time with Luo Xinrui.

She just wanted to find He Xun and tell him in person that she had won the championship.

However, how could Luo Xinrui let Chen Weier go She directly blocked her way and didnt let her go.

“Aiyo, Chen Weier, I havent even said anything yet.

Why are you so anxious I really dont understand you.

Youre the shameless one who had an affair with another man.

And now, youre not allowing Brother Xun to like someone else Youre in such a hurry to find him”

Chen Weier glanced at her in confusion.

“What are you barking at”

“You!” Luo Xinrui suppressed the urge to curse.

A noble and elegant man like He Xun would not like a vulgar woman.

She shouldnt learn from Chen Weier.

Now was a good opportunity to provoke Chen Weier, and she absolutely wouldnt let it go!

“I mean, since you both like other people, why dont you let each other go I saw it just now, Brother Xun is very protective of that woman!”

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