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Chen Weier looked at her former teacher, and her eyes turned clouded with tears.

Because of her rebirth, the memories of her time in university were already very distant to her.

However, to Liu Hongzhi, Chen Weier was still a student who had just graduated.

“Thank you,” she said.

Chen Weier held back her tears and gave Liu Hongzhi a deep bow.

In university, Liu Hongzhi had really put in a lot of effort to cultivate her.

It was because of her personal feelings that she had let down Liu Hongzhis care for several years.

At this time, the host also handed the microphone to Chen Weier, and she began to give her acceptance speech.

Chen Weier restrained her sobs.

“I came to this competition because I wanted to be a good match for my lover.

Now that Im standing here, I can finally say to him that hes really good, but Im not bad either!

“I would also like to thank my mother who taught me how to dance and the teachers of the dance academy, as well as my familys support.

Thank you!

“And thank you to my lover.

Thank you for tolerating me when I was stupid! Even though you arent here today, I still want to tell you, my husband, I love you.”

Under the lens of the cameras, a girl with a crown on her head stood in the spotlight.

The light and shadow illuminated her face, making it seem extraordinarily fair—even a little crystal clear.

When she spoke, her eyes were slightly red, and there was an indescribable emotion in her voice.

Then, the microphone was passed to Xuan Jianing and Hua Runxin.

The two of them also gave their acceptance speeches.

After the organizers speech, the expert judges also said a few words for the occasion, and the competition came to an end.

“Everyone, to celebrate the successful end of the competition, the organizers have decided to have a meal together tonight.”

At this moment, a staff member came forward and made the announcement before everyone left.

“Great, I havent had a good meal for a few days because of the competition.

I dont need to mind my stomach now.

I can eat to my hearts desire!”

“The organizer is treating us, so lets eat something expensive tonight! Hahaha!”

Everyone agreed, but Chen Weier excused herself.

“I still have something to do, so I cant eat with everyone today.”

“Ah Cant you reschedule” Some people felt that it was a pity that Chen Weier, the champion, couldnt attend.

It didnt seem fitting.

“Im really sorry, but I have already made a promise to my husband,” Chen Weier could only say in embarrassment.

“What Your husband Youre married”

“Teacher Chen, you must be joking.

Youre only in your early 20s…”

Everyone was talking one after another.

Suddenly, they recalled the attitude of President He of the He group toward Chen Weier.

Everyone formed a guess in their minds.

“Teacher Chen, could your husband be President He” someone finally asked.

“Yes,” Chen Weier admitted their relationship very frankly, “We have been married for more than 2 years.”

Everyone was shocked!

They could naturally tell that President He treated Chen Weier differently, but they didnt expect them to be married.

Even Xuan Jianing was stunned.

“No wonder you dared to beat He Yeli up in the company.”

“Not only in the company but also in front of her parents,” Chen Weier proudly raised her eyebrows and said, “If she dares to scheme against me, I wont swallow my anger!”

“Amazing!” Xuan Jianing could only give her a big thumbs up!

The others were also stunned.

Chen Weier was actually married.

“I thought…” The person didnt dare to speak out loud anymore.

However, Chen Weier also knew that they probably thought that she was He Xuns bed partner.

Who asked He Xun to be so famous when she himself was not famous at all

“Can we exchange contact information then Lets meet again next time.” Hua Runxin took out her phone.

Chen Weier nodded and left in a hurry after she was finished.

Looking at Chen Weiers back as she left, some people were still dumbfounded and couldnt react.

“Were actually competing with the madam of the He Group!”

Everyone found it hard to process.

When Chen Weier rushed to the parking lot, the driver arranged by He Xun was already waiting there.

“Madam Chen, Master He Xun has already prepared the invitation and dress for you.

You can change in the car.”

“Alright,” she said.

Chen Weier lowered the partition in the middle and changed out of her performance clothes.

When she saw the veil, she realized that she hadnt even told He Xun about the curtain she had broken.

‘Forget it, there are more important things at hand.

Well discuss the compensation later.

After Chen Weier changed her clothes, she touched up her makeup.

She kept stroking the trophy in her hand with a smile on her face.

She had finally proven herself with her dance!

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