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Because there were many netizens watching the live broadcast, everyone paid attention to the most beautiful contestant, Chen Weier.

Now that they saw their interaction, they smiled wretchedly and wanted to pinch the beautiful womans face.

Chen Weier was even at the top of the hot search.

The netizens were craving Chen Weiers looks, and some had already started to dig up Chen Weiers resume.

After all, as long as they were in the industry, even if they were extras, as long as they were careful, there was nothing that the netizens could not find out.

But this time, they were dumbfounded!

Because they only found a video of Chen Weier from two years ago, and it was a video of her dancing at her graduation ceremony.

For this dance, she won first place while Cao Yaoyao came in second.

The netizens were stunned.

Even though Cao Yaoyao was an actress, she was a talented dancer and had won several awards in the dance industry.

In the end, she was defeated by Chen Weier!

How powerful was Chen Weier! If Chen Weier had been in those competitions, would Cao Yaoyao still have been first

The most important thing was that Chen Weiers looks were so striking, and her dancing skills were also impressive.

Why had they never heard of her before

In the midst of the netizens doubts, Chen Weier went on stage.

After training for a considerable time, Chen Weier had long formed muscle memory.

The moment the music was played, her body reacted before her mind.

For the finals, she chose folk dance.

This dance told the story of a mountain girl and a boy who grew up together, but in the end, for various reasons, they had to separate.

Chen Weiers expression and actions were a vivid portrayal of the previous innocent and lively girl who was secretly in love with her lover.

It was more like they were watching the daily interaction between a young girl and her first love.

But the next second, the music suddenly shifted.

Chen Weiers mood immediately changed.

That shy young girls eyes were full of pain.

She frowned as sorrow filled her.

Some of the contestants in the audience quietly wiped away their tears.

Perhaps they were reminiscing about their past.

As the music gradually became more and more tragic, the girl and her lover were forced to separate.

Chen Weiers dance became more emotional, and her movements also became more and more untethered!

Finally, the drum stopped, and Chen Weier, who was playing the role of a young girl, sat on the ground.

She was in a daze, and a tear fell from her eye.

The camera was also immersed in this sorrowful love story and gave a close-up of the tear.

The expert judges only realized later that the dance had already ended.

This time, there was no need for any discussion.

The reaction of the expert judges had already explained how well Chen Weier had done.

She had submerged everyones emotions in her dance, which was already the greatest affirmation of a dancer.

Without any hesitation, several expert judges quickly projected Chen Weiers results on the public screen.

After combining her previous two scores, Chen Weiers total score was 99.88 points!

It was the highest so far!

In an instant, the applause was thunderous.

Chen Weier gently bowed in the midst of this applause and slowly retreated.

At this moment, the internet was filled with videos of her dancing and moving pictures of her crying.

Too many people were enthralled by her!

[I really never thought that I would one day cry because of a dance.]

[Chen Weiers immersion is too captivating.

I dont know how to dance, but I feel like Im in her shoes.

I even want to hug the girl who lost her love!]

[I suddenly thought of my first love.

He died of brain cancer 10 years ago.

Now that I think about it, I cant forget it…]

[Its really hard to get over a first love.

Both of them had the purest love, but they were separated in the end.]

[Shes so good at dancing.

Did she have such an experience before Is this why she can portray it so flawlessly]

[I think Chen Weier and Cao Yaoyao were university classmates.

Cao Yaoyao has been in love with her first love since her university days.

Maybe Chen Weiers first love was also from the university! ]

[Did that mean Chen Weier has been depressed because they had to separate after graduation]


Chen Weier didnt know that her dance had caused a huge uproar on the internet.

She wasnt aware that she had gained tens of thousands of fans.

She was still sitting in her seat and had not settled her emotions.

When she was dancing, the last scene of her previous life flashed in her mind.

At that time, she was already in so much pain that she wished she was dead, but she could still clearly remember the scene of her seeing him.

It was when he got out of the car…when he saw her confused and uncertain tone…..and when she looked up and met his eyes, his narrowed pupils carried her image in a daze.

She could still feel his trembling hands and his warm embrace.

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