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Cao Yaoyaos dry and lifeless eyes flashed with a trace of malice.

Chen Weier had won first place twice in a row.

Today, she would wait for Chen Weier to fall from grace during the finals.

Thereafter, Cao Yaoyao slowly opened her backpack and naturally took out her cosmetics.

She quietly opened the lid of the foundation and placed it on the edge of the table.

Then, she took out a moisturizer and wiped her face.

However, her movements were too big, and she was too careless.

She accidentally touched the foundation liquid on the edge of the table.

However, it just happened to fall into the bag that Chen Weier had placed by her feet.

Inside was Chen Weiers costume for the upcoming performance.

“Ah!” Cao Yaoyao cried out in shock.

She hurriedly took out the half-filled bottle of foundation from the bag and apologized with an aggrieved expression, “Weier, Im really sorry.

I didnt mean to.”

After hearing Cao Yaoyaos outburst, Chen Weier realized what had happened.

She took back the costume and was instantly furious.

She saw that the sleeves of her clothes and the hem of her skirt were covered with yellow sticky marks.

Given the remaining time, it was definitely impossible to wash them—not to mention that these clothes could not be washed in the first place.

Now that she couldnt even wear her costume, what was she going to do about her competition There was no other set of clothes to change into!

Chen Weier glared at Cao Yaoyao and raised her hand to slap her.


In an instant, the loud sound of a slap reverberated throughout the dressing room.

In fact, after Cao Yaoyao screamed, everyones attention shifted to her.

Now that they saw Chen Weier hit Cao Yaoyao, they took a deep breath.

Even though Cao Yaoyao was indeed in the wrong, wasnt hitting someone too much They didnt expect Chen Weier to have such a bad temper.

“What right do you have to hit me I accidentally dirtied your costume, but I have already apologized.

What else do you want Do you still have the law in your eyes” Cao Yaoyaos face was already pale.

Now, a red handprint appeared on her face.

It made her look even more pitiful.

“Cao Yaoyao, you should know very well whether you did it on purpose or not!” Chen Weier laughed.

“I dont understand what you mean, and I dont get why you think Im trying to harm you.

I dont have any reason to do this!” Cao Yaoyao looked pitiful under Chen Weiers influence.

Chen Weier snorted, “Cao Yaoyao, we were roommates for 4 years in college.

Do you want me to reveal the truth about the screen incident and the day before yesterday when you tripped me after I got off the stage I was thinking of settling the score with you after the competition was over, but now youve ruined my costume.

Who exactly are you to do so Do you not have the law in your eyes”

Everyone was in an uproar!

The screen incident was related to Cao Yaoyao!

“I remember that day when the screen fell down, Cao Yaoyao seemed to really be beside the screen.”

“Thats right.

I was wondering why a wooden screen that weighed a few hundred pounds fell just like that.”

The crowd was stunned by the developments.

Everyone was talking at once.

Some were speaking up for Cao Yaoyao, but there were also some who doubted her.

Cao Yaoyao clenched her fists guiltily, “How can you frame others I was also shocked when the screen fell.

Moreover, the person who was hit has no enmity with me.

I dont even know her, so its impossible for me to intentionally hurt her.”

Chen Weiers lips slightly curved up.

Her smile turned lethal, “Cao Yaoyao, you didnt actually think that the place you were standing at was a blind spot, did you Ive already saved the surveillance footage.”

Chen Weiers words made Cao Yaoyaos face turn pale.

Thats impossible!

She had clearly checked several times and found a blind spot in the camera.

Could it be that she had calculated the wrong angle She didnt dare to think about it anymore.

She would be sentenced for intentionally hurting someone! She was a female artist who was on the rise.

She could not allow such a stain to appear! But what was she going to do!

Cao Yaoyao was panicking inside, but she pretended to be calm.

Even so, she still felt that everyone seemed to believe Chen Weiers words, and the way they looked at her changed.

No, they didnt have any evidence! It must be fake.

She couldnt reveal any more issues! She tried to calm herself down by saying a few words.

Then, she began to put on makeup in a hurry to block the faint gazes that were cast over.

However, the people werent blind or stupid.

Cao Yaoyaos actions had already exposed her.

On top of that, she had ruined Chen Weiers costume, which made everyones impression of her plummet.

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