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you have to choose well.

Ordinary gifts cant win me over!” Chen Weier wasnt a snob, but when she talked about conditions and asked for benefits, she wasnt soft-hearted at all.

“Alright, Ill give you whatever you want.” He Xun buried his head in her neck and kissed her.

His voice was a little muffled, and the vibration when he spoke seemed to hit Chen Weiers heart through her neck.

She couldnt help but give him a light punch.

He was seducing her again!

“Alright, Im leaving.”

“All the best, Weier.

Youre the best.” He kissed her on the forehead before reluctantly releasing her.

He had to prepare to head to the company now.

The two of them stood at the gate and acted lovey-dovey for a while.

Their respective drivers couldnt help but grimace at the sight.

Those who didnt know any better would think that their masters would be separated for 8 to 10 years!

Who would have thought that they would only be separated for a few hours


When He Xun arrived at the company, Yang Zui was already waiting by the elevator with a stack of documents in his arms.

“President He, Ive already arranged the things youve instructed me to do.

Will the female companion today be the same as usual”

In the past, Yang Zui would not have asked, because President He did not care who his female companion was.

But this time, the president and his wife had a very good relationship.

He naturally did not dare to make his own decision.

Yang Zui had to confirm it first.

“Yes.” He Xuns eyes were fixed on the screen, but he suddenly thought of something and stopped in his tracks.

“Choose an honest one.

Dont let my wife see it and get upset.”

Yang Zuis body stiffened when he heard that.

He quickly replied respectfully, “Yes.”

For so many years, President Hes female companions had changed a few times, and they were all plain-minded.

But this time, President He had personally instructed him, so he had to choose carefully.

What if it was an insensible one who spoke against President Hes wife He thought of a few people in his mind and finally settled on Jin Yujia.

When Chen Weier was in the company, she had some conflicts with some people who didnt know the immensity of heaven and earth.

Yang Zui remembered that Jin Yujia had always stayed out of it.

Moreover, when Jin Yujia accompanied President He to the ball, she always kept her distance from him, so he didnt have to worry about her.

Yang Zui nodded with the corners of his mouth.

He found the one! As expected, he was truly President Hes right-hand man!

“Oh right, leave an invitation to the charity banquet for my wife.” He Xun still remembered that Chen Weier was going, so of course, he had to prepare in advance.

“Understood,” Yang Zui nodded as he replied.

He Xun also started his days work.

On the other side, Chen Weier had already arrived at the competition venue.

Today, the organizer had arranged a very spacious dressing room for them.

It was enough for dozens of people to do their makeup and change at the same time.

Of course, the organizer didnt allow them to bring their own makeup artists and stylists.

They had to do it themselves.

Chen Weier randomly chose a makeup booth, took out her own makeup, and started to do her makeup and style.

“Youre pretty quick with your moves.

Are you going to get first place again today”

Chen Weier was applying moisturizer on herself when she heard a familiar female voice.

“Aiyo, dont laugh at me!” Chen Weiers voice was coy, and the tone of her voice at the end unconsciously rose—like a kitten acting coquettishly.

It tickled Xuan Jianings heart.

Xuan Jianing couldnt help but admire President He once more.

How did he manage to resist such a soft voice He must be holding onto Chen Weier and teasing her like this, right

The more Xuan Jianing thought about it, the more she felt her blood boil.

If she was a man, she would definitely lock Chen Weier at home and only allow her to speak to her! It was exciting just thinking about it.

The two of them bantered for a bit more before Xuan Jianing sat beside Chen Weier and started to put on her makeup.

Because she was too engrossed, Chen Weier didnt realize that an old acquaintance had come to her other side.

She saw that Cao Yaoyaos face was completely drained of blood.

She was really going to be ruined by these two days.

The two old men had fun with her body and used all kinds of props to humiliate her.

In the end, they were only willing to let her go when her voice was hoarse and her legs could not close.

Cao Yaoyao knew that she was not in a good state.

Putting aside her emotional problems, her gloomy mood could no longer be concealed, and her body was sore and weak, which had not recovered at all.

Her legs hurt with every step she took, and her arms were so swollen that she couldnt lift them.

Moreover, she couldnt wear the dress she was supposed to wear.

Otherwise, all the marks on her body would be exposed, and foundation couldnt cover them.

She didnt even know if she could finish the entire dance today.

Cao Yaoyao looked at the person beside her, who had a ruddy complexion and was the culprit who had caused her to become like this.

She slowly clenched her fists.

‘Chen Weier, your good luck should end now.

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