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“Thank you,” she said.

Cao Yaoyao forced out a smile.

“You know what Im thinking.” Liu Song immediately leaned over.

“As long as Brother Song doesnt mind, Cao Yaoyao is yours.” Cao Yaoyao had always been flexible and knew what to say to please men.

Liu Song took a deep breath near her neck.

“Ive wanted to sleep with you for a long time.”

“Brother Song, Ive been competing the whole day, and Im tired and hungry.

Nie Suijing also threatened me in the car.

He didnt tell me that the person he was dealing with was you.

Why would I have asked for trouble if I had known it was you Ill go take a shower first.” Cao Yaoyaos face was filled with sadness.

Chief Editor Lius heart instantly rippled.

“Go upstairs to the main bedrooms bathroom to take a bath.

Theres a bathtub there.

Ill go make you a bowl of noodles.”

“Alright,” she said.

Cao Yaoyao grabbed her bag and slowly walked upstairs.

She had to think of a way to save herself.

Liu Song touched his chin proudly and made a phone call.

“Director Zhang, werent you always eyeing Cao Yaoyao Shes with me now.

What can you say Lets do it together”


Zhang Qing immediately perked up.

“You seriously got her But why did you think of me for such a good thing”

Liu Songs face was full of flattery.

“The female lead in your previous film had a good figure…”

“I knew you wouldnt let me take advantage of you for nothing.

Fine, I agree!”


The water flowed down.

Cao Yaoyao stood barefoot on the floor.

She didnt want to be threatened by Nie Suijing, but what could she do Thats right.

Cao Yaoyaos so-called self-rescue was to try to use Liu Song to get rid of Nie Suijing.

After all, Miao Bings current situation was that he could not even care for himself.

Who could say for sure what would happen in the future

Cao Yaoyaos heart was a mess.

But as long as she thought of bringing the venomous snake Nie Suijing home and causing todays situation, she wanted to slap him.

It was all Chen Weiers fault.

It was Chen Weier who had caused her to suffer!


Even if she were to go to hell, she would never spare Chen Weier!

“Yaoyao, are you done” Someone knocked on the door.

“Im done.” Cao Yaoyao snapped out of her state of shock.

She pulled the bathrobe to cover her body and opened the bathroom door.

The air was filled with water vapor.

It made Cao Yaoyaos face flush red.

Her big eyes were sparkling, like a pure little girl who had walked out of a landscape painting.

Liu Song suddenly became restless.

“Brother Song… Yaoyao has nothing left.

Youre the only one I can rely on.” Her soft and boneless hand caressed Liu Songs chest.

Cao Yaoyaos voice was weak.

She knew all too well what men liked to hear.

“What are you saying If you have any problems in the future, feel free to come to me!” Cao Yaoyaos words greatly pleased Liu Song.

Which man didnt like a woman who bowed down to him

Cao Yaoyao gently wrapped her arms around Chief Editor Lius waist and put her face close to his chest.

“I believed Nie Suijing.

He used resources and money to slander our relationship.

Its my fortune to be with you! The first time I met you, I knew you were different from other men, so lets not let him ruin us, okay Im willing to follow you.”

“Dont worry.

Ill be the first to come after Nie Suijing if he dares to look for you again.” Liu Song understood what she meant, but he could only act concerned.

Nie Suijing was unscrupulous.

Such a person must be very good at making money for the company.

Now that Cao Yaoyao was with him, Miao Bing would surely not release her if he found out.

Besides, for Cao Yaoyaos sake, he didnt need to take this risk.

Now, he was only coaxing this woman with his mouth.

The most important thing was to satisfy his desires.

Cao Yaoyao wanted to say something, but Liu Song immediately lowered his head and covered her mouth.

His hands moved up and down.

It was quick and rough, and Cao Yaoyao soon felt the pain.

But she didnt dare to resist and endured it.

After 20 minutes, Liu Song growled and rolled down from her body.

When it was over, Liu Song didnt even look at Cao Yaoyao and walked into the bathroom.

As Cao Yaoyao was about to sit up, another man walked over.

“Youre pretty long-lasting.

Ive been waiting outside for half an hour!” Zhang Qing laughed lecherously.

“Haha, try it! No wonder Miao Bing has always praised her before.

She has some skills!” Liu Songs voice came from the bathroom.

Cao Yaoyao was stunned by their conversation.

Men, none of them were good!

“Then, I wont be polite!” Zhang Qing chuckled and pressed forward.

Cao Yaoyao couldnt resist at all.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

But this was only the beginning of hell.

At this time, Chen Weiers mood wasnt much better either.

It was because she had welcomed her first cold war with He Xun, even if it was one-sided!

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